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  • SPEEDCAST 8000

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Shimano Speedcast Fishing Reel

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Product Description

Shimano Speedcast Surf Casting Fishing Reels Models SPC8000XSA and SPC8000XTA

Shimano Speedcast Fishing Reel is one outstanding long casting surf fishing reel that can also be used for long distance casting from the rocks. Rather than use standard graphite, Shimano has instead chosen to go with XGT7. This special material is much lighter than the standard version yet is also more rigid and 200% stronger. There are plenty of tough species to battle when surf fishing, which is why you need a Shimano Speedcast that will give you quality, strength and optimal performance.

There are two models in the Shimano Speedcast reel range, including the SPC8000XTA and SPC8000XSA. The XTA model varies in that it has a baitrunner spool. Aside from that, both reels are virtually identical. With a Shimano Speedcast reel, you can expect 99cm of line retrieval for every crank and drag power of 15kg. That should offer more than enough assistance to bringing in large fighting fish.

In order to guarantee remarkably smooth performance from Shimano Speedcast fishing reels, three stainless steel bearings and one roller bearing have been used to produce every model in this range of fishing reels. The smoothness is further enhanced by the presence of Dyna-Balance, which is a feature that reduces vibration by eliminating wobble when retrieving the line.

Shimano has ensured that these fishing reels are suitable for surf casting by maximizing their casting distance. Prepare to be amazed by the distance that will be added to your casting. Aerowrap II is an oscillation system that prevents vital energy from being lost when you are casting. A further boost is provided by the AR-C spool, which prevents wind knots and backlashes from occurring.

Features and Specifications

♦   4.6:1 gear ratio

♦   15kg drag power

♦   3 + 1 bearings

♦   Line Capacity: approx 315 metres of 8kg mono or 270 metres of 40lb braid.

♦   Weight: 705 XSA - 720g XTA

♦   10-year reel warranty

♦   The XTA model has Baitrunner Feature

♦   Aerowrap II

♦   AR-C Spool

♦   CF Spool

♦   Dyna-Balance

♦   Floating Shaft II

♦   Spare spool

♦   Super Stopper II

♦   SVS

♦   XGT7

Fishing Rod Recommendations

The Shimano Speedcast reel is a distance casting reel designed to be used with longer surf and rock fishing rods. Match this reel up to a fishing rods ranging in length from 3.5m up to 4m plus to target snapper, mulloway, greenback tailor or salmon from the beach or the stones. Type in Surf rods in our easy to use search function at the top of the page to find the perfect fishing rod to match the Shimano Speedcast 8000.



♦   The Shimano Speedcast 8000XTA features Shimano’s famous baitrunner function to allow controlled free spool and with a turn of the handle fish powerful stopping drag can be engaged

♦   XGT7 is an innovative form of graphite that has been used to build these reels. This material is superior to the original because it weighs less and is 200% stronger.

♦   Aerowrap II and AR-C dramatically increase the efficient of the casting process and subsequently add distance.

♦   Dyna-Balance combined with three stainless steel bearings and a roller bearing provides impressively smooth performance.

♦   SVS is a brake dial that can be adjusted to among 4-6 settings for greater control over your surf casting.

♦   The aluminium used in the construction of Speedcast reels has been cold forged (CF). Consequently, the aluminium possesses a lighter weight but greater strength.

♦   Shimano has given you the option of switching to the spare spool. This is for changing to a new type of line in order to respond to changing conditions.

Shimano has upgraded its range of Speedcast reels in order to improve their surf casting capability. The new reels cast further because their weight has been reduced and their strength improved by use of XGT7 graphite. Shimano Speedcast fishing reels are available now from us at Fishing Tackle Shop – order today!

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