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Shimano Speedcast Fishing Reel

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Product Description

Shimano Speedcast Reels -  Long Cast Surf Fishing Reel (Choose from XSB Standard Spin or XTB – baitrunner spool)

Awesome surf and rock action with the Shimano Speedcast Long Cast Surf Reels. Shimano has delivered a big reel with all the trimmings designed to handle the toughest of the marine environments, the surf and the rocks. With a huge 20kg of drag you know these reels are designed for tackling the grumpiest, most belligerent of our species, the type of fish used to dictating the terms of battle and with no understanding of the meaning of capitulation. There are two reels in the series to choose from when ordering, both sporting the strength of X-ship technology for cranking heavy loads and long cast spools for prodigious casting length and for packing on loads of your favourite braid or mono.

For the most part the reels are identical. The exception is the Baitrunner mechanism built into the XTB models drag system. This is a great option for anglers with a passion for live baits. The free spooling action of a Baitrunner is perfect for allowing big fish to run off with live baits without being spooked by resistance and dropping the bait.

The body of the Speedcast has been kept compact, reducing weight and improving casting manners. The slow oscillation is ideal for packing finer diameter braids onto the spool neatly and evenly. This precise line lay is one of the main reasons the Shimano Speedcast fishing reel is such a joy to cast. The spool is huge, and you will be able lay on over half a kilometre of 50lb braid.

You starting to get the idea? 500 plus meters of 50lb line with 20kg of max drag. You WILL be hunting ENOURMOUS fish! Hit a deep surf gutter and toss out a sizable live mullet. Mulloway in excess of 15kg will be on the cards here. The rock hoppers can throw out a live Slimy or Yakka under a balloon float and hold on for a Kingfish of a life time.

With the Shimano Speedcast Long Cast Surf Reels the casting range is there, the power is there, as is the strength and the durability to handle the salt spray. Plenty of line capacity and drag will give you the upper hand in any tough battle. The Shimano Speedcast Long Cast Fishing Reels are priced affordably, represent outstanding value and are for sale now here at Fishing Tackle Shop!

Features and Specifications

♦ Choose from Model XSB (Standard long cast spin) or XTB (long cast baitrunner in front drag of spool)

♦ Line capacity: approx 510 metres of 50lb braid or 400 metres of 8kg monofilament line

♦ Approx weight: 650 grams

♦ Max Drag: 20kg

♦ Ball bearings 3+1

♦ Super Stopper II


♦ XGT7

♦ Floating Shaft II

♦ 103cm per crank  

♦ Slow oscillation

♦ AR-C Spool

♦ Dyna Balance

♦ CF Cold Forged Spool

♦ Aero-Wrap II


Fishing Application and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Shimano Speedcast reels are primarily designed to cast longer distances when beach fishing or rock fishing. Therefore, a speedcast reel will work best with any beach rod 10ft or longer and for even better performance 12ft or longer.



♦   Designed and built for chasing massive fish from the toughest marine environments, the rocks and the beach.

♦   Designed for casting big baits long distances. Ideal for fishing with big flesh baits and live baits.

♦   AR-C/CF Spool and Aero-wrap II combine with the slow oscillation and compact body to produce outstanding casting ability.

♦   Super Stopper two provides a feeling of precision and is excellent for ensuring solid hook ups come strike time.

The Shimano Speedcast reels provide access to big fish hunting for the land based angler on a budget. With line capacity and power to burn you will be well on your way to notching up some personal bests. 



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