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Shimano Raider Egi Rod 802 Squid Fishing Rod

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Product Description

Shimano Raider Egi Rod 802 Squid Fishing Rod For Sale

Most of us love squid, whether it is in the form of calamari rings, in a mixed seafood Asian style dish or my personal favourite, salt and pepper calamari. However, nothing beats the combination of the cuisine you love with the freshest ingredients and there is no better way to know you are getting fresh than catching it yourself. That’s where the new Shimano Raider EGI Rod 802 model comes in to play.

The new Shimano Raider Egi Fishing rod was developed with the squid fisherman in mind. It is a rod built to delivery shier brilliance in terms of cast, control and retrieve of your favourite squid jigs. Built on a torquay 24-ton graphite rod blank you can expect ultra-sensitivity, and that’s what you want when you’re targeting squid. Just sit there and think for a second… How does a squid react, often they can be a little bit cautious before they strike so you want a rod that can detect the slightest bump that could potentially be a meal of salt and pepper calamari on the end of your fishing line.

Fuji Alu-Oxide rod guides are also used in the construction of this rod meaning that the rod is ideal for braid use. Using braided fishing line also helps in gaining extra sensitivity as well as better casting distance and control of your squid jig. What does better casting distance equal? More ground to cover of course and more ground covered equals potentially more chance you come home with a Squid meal for yourself and your family.

Features and specifications

  • Shimano Raider Egi Rod
  • Suitable for squid fishing
  • 802 model (8ft)
  • 2-piece construction
  • Split EVA grips.
  • 24-Ton Torquay graphite rod blank
  • Fuji Alu-Oxide rod guides
  • Suitable for Squid Jigs in sizes 1.8 through to 4.0 size
  • Images for illustration only – slight variations may occur. Price is for 1 Egi Rod only

Fishing Applications and Fishing Reel Suggestion Guide

I think we pretty much have summed it up that the new Shimano Raider Egi rod is for squid fishing. However, if you are out and about don’t be put of using it as a rod for some soft plastic or blade fishing as well should there a few bream or flathead are around and you don’t have another dedicated rod for this application. Back to squid though this rod makes an ideal choice for any angler fishing shore or boat. Often you will encounter squid off rock platforms and around structure where there is a lot of seaweed, they like to reside in harbours under boats and you can also encounter them in lake and river systems as well, especially in the channels where river meets ocean and where there is a bit of structure around.

We recommend matching the Shimano Raider Egi Rod up to a 2500 – 3000 size Shimano spinning reel for best performance.


  • The Raider Egi Rod series is affordable. It’s not the cheapest squid rod on the market but is a perfect balance for the angler that appreciates quality at a level that just about every angler can afford being priced at well under $200.00
  • These rods are designed specifically with the squid angler in mind, super sensitive and able to cast squid lures from any jig size ranging between 1.8 to 4.0.
  • ALU-Oxide Fuji guides are ideal for the angler that fishes with braided line and we do suggest fishing with braid if you can help it to achieve maximum sensitivity as well as casting performance.
  • Two piece construction makes the rod ideal for ease of transport.

Well, do you want a feed of calamari or what!  Purchase a Shimano Raider Egi Rod from us here at Fishing Tackle Shop today, buy a reel if you don’t own one suitable for this rod, a couple of squid jigs and get out there! Bring home a feed of calamari. Yummy!

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