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Shimano Anarchy Rods For Sale

Most people think of chaos when the word "anarchy" is brought up in conversation. Anarchy comes from the Greek word anarkhos, meaning "without a ruler." Are you intrigued by its introduction to fishing? You should be! Shimano's new Anarchy rod will bring rebellious fish back into line while keeping you as the angler in control. The lack of any controlling system results in disorder, yet the new Anarchy fishing rod series keeps everything under wraps with its witty name, sleek design and impressive performance.

What's old is new again. The Anarchy series from Shimano was a rod you may have seen in the past, but now it has returned with a new design sure to catch your eye. This time around, there are some notable improvements to this classic model to ensure that anglers get the best possible experience while out on the water. Shimano has kept the same excellent build quality and attention to detail that made the original so popular but updated it with some new features to keep up with the times.

In redesigning Shimano Anarchy Rods, Shimano considered modern anglers' needs by producing the new 21 models out of the latest T-45 Graphite technology. T45 delivers a rod lighter than the original while still providing the power needed to handle large fish. Excellent news, as it means you won't get tired out as quickly when using a rod from this series, allowing you to fish for extended periods.

Shimano Anarchy Fishing Rods are the perfect choice for anglers looking for a saltwater rod that will deliver in demanding fishing situations. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting, you'll be pleased with the performance provided by these rods. Even better is that Anarchy rods are priced affordably for their quality class, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious anglers who demand premium-level quality.

Features and Specifications

Model Type Main Use Line Class Length Sections Cast Weight Grip Type Suggested Reel Type
6102SPUL Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 1-3Kg 6ft 10 inches 2 1-5g Split Rear Grip 1000-2500 Spin
782ULF Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 1-4Kg 7ft 8 inches 2 1-5g Split Rear Grip 1000-2500 Spin
682SPLM Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-5Kg 6ft 8 inches 2 1-10g Split Rear Grip 1000-3000 Spin
702SPL Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-4Kg 7ft 2 1-7g Split Rear Grip 1000-2500 Spin
6102SPM Spin Lake, River, Light/Med Inshore 3-6Kg 6ft 10 inches 2 7-28g Full EVA Rear Grip 2500-4000 Spin
702SPMH Spin Lake, River, Med-heavy inshore 4-8Kg 7ft 2 10-28g Full EVA Rear Grip 3000-5000 Spin
62SPH Spin Heavy inshore / Med Offshore 5-10Kg 6ft 2 inches 2 10-35g Full EVA Rear Grip 5000-6000 Spin
762SPH Spin Snapper / Light Offshore Boat/ Heavy inshore 5-12Kg 7ft 6 inches 2 20-70g Full EVA Rear Grip 5000-6000 Spin
510JSP Spin Offshore Boat PE3-5 5ft 10 inches 2 max 200g Full EVA Rear Grip 6000-8000 Spin
7102TW Spin Extra Heavy Inshore/Offshore PE5 7ft 10 inches 2 50-180g Full EVA Rear Grip 8000-10000 Spin
902SP Spin Beach/Rock 6-12Kg 9ft 2 30-90g Full EVA Rear Grip 5000-6000 Spin
  • T-45 Graphite Construction Technology
  • Custom Shimano Reel Seat
  • Saltwater Grade Components
  • Lightweight and Well-Balanced Design
  • Fuji alconite rod guides (K series)
  • Fuji SiC rod tip
  • Model: 2021 release and current

Please note: Images are for illustration purposes only, and there may be differences between the models. Due to the extensive range of options, please treat the images as generic.

Shimano Anarchy Rod Buying Guide

As Shimano's newest saltwater rod series, the Shimano Anarchy Rods are sure to turn heads and attract attention from anglers all over. These rods come in various models, each designed for specific fishing styles and techniques. That said, finding the perfect Shimano Anarchy rod can be challenging if you're unsure what to look for.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a Shimano Anarchy rod:

  1. Line Rating - The Shimano Anarchy Rod series offers a wide range of options in terms of line ratings. From light-duty rods meant for smaller inshore fish to heavy-duty rods capable of handling big sportfish.
  2. Rod length - Shimano offers Anarchy rods in various lengths to accommodate different anglers and fishing situations. Choose a shorter rod for greater manoeuvrability in tighter spaces, or opt for a longer rod for increased reach and power.

Light Class Inshore Anarchy Rods - are ideal for lake and river fishing for smaller fish species such as trout, bream, flathead and bass. The models we sell that fit this bill include 6ft 10-inch ultra-light spin or medium spin and 6ft 8-inch light/medium spin. However, we also have for sale the 7ft 8-inch flats spin for maximising cast performance when throwing small hardbodies, blades and soft plastics across sand flats where species such as bream, whiting and flathead may be lurking.

Mid Class Inshore/Offshore Anarchy Rods - Ideal for a wide range of fishing styles and techniques both inshore and light offshore. 7ft medium heavy spin is one of those models, ideal for snapper and a larger class of perch or flathead. The 7ft 6-inch or 6ft 2-inch heavy spin takes things to the next level, great for more serious offshore applications targeting species such as jewfish, reef snapper, and smaller classed pelagic fish. The 6ft 2-inch option also makes an excellent choice for barra anglers.

Heavy Anarchy Rods - These rods are designed for big sport fishing. Shimano offers two impressive models in this class; the 7ft 10 inch topwater spin for those who love surface lures fishing for the likes of trevally, tuna and mackerel. Jiggers are covered with the 5ft 10-inch Jig spin model, perfect for deep water offshore fishing where bottom-mid water column dwelling species are the primary target.

Beach/Rock Options - Last in the lineup is the 9ft shore spin, ideal for fishing from the beach or rocks where you may hook fish such as salmon, tailor, bonito or kingfish.

Other Models For Sale - There is also available for sale a few overhead and baitcaster models. While we do not keep those styles in stock, we can always particular order them in for you if you contact us. Otherwise, check out our full range of Shimano Fishing Rods For Sale Here.


  • Shimano's extensive experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality fishing tackle has resulted in the development of an excellent series of rods in the Shimano Anarchy series.
  • These rods are designed to give anglers the perfect balance of power, sensitivity and durability, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of fishing styles and techniques.
  • Shimano Anarchy rods are also built with saltwater-grade components for increased longevity and performance in harsh saltwater environments.
  • Shimano Anarchy rods are lightweight and well-balanced, making them comfortable and easy to fish with all day.

Many features make Shimano's new 21 release an excellent choice for anglers. Still, the one that stands out the most is the Shimano Anarchy Rod's ability to bring rebellious fish back into line while keeping anglers in control. With the updated design and construction, Shimano has created a rod sure to please even the most demanding anglers. Order your Shimano Anarchy Fishing Rod today and be ready to tackle whatever fish come your way.


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