Shimano Catana Fishing Rods

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Shimano Catana Fishing Rods

The New Catana Rod from Shimano has received a fantastic cosmetic make over. Now, they look even better, with all the affordable performance that has made them so very popular in the first place. This is some very classy light-mid weight fishing at a price that will certainly blow your socks off. For the uninitiated, Catana is an affordable rod series Shimano developed to ensure the budget bound angler has access to Shimano precision and technology.

We have several models for sale from light river fishing rods to surf, to light offshore and we even have a catana squid rod for sale. We will detail more on each in our Catana rod buyers guide a little bit further below,

Ideal for salt and fresh, you’ll be pointing these brilliantly crafted affordable Shimano fishing rods at a wide range of our inshore and offshore favourites (depending on the rod model you choose).

Features and Specifications

Model Use Length Piece construction Line weight class Lure WT (g) Suggested Reel Size
602SPIN Lake / River 1.83m (6ft) 2pc 2-4kg 1-7g 1000-2500
662SPIN Lake / River 1.98m (6ft6in) 2pc 3-5kg 1-14g 2500-3000
702 Spin Lake / River 2.13m (7ft) 2pc 2-4kg 1-7g 2500
702 Heavy Spin Offshore boat / Barra & heavy inshore 2.13m (7ft) 2pc 6-12kg 10-40g 5000
722 Spin Lake / River / Light offshore 2.13m (7ft 2 inch) 2pc 4-8kg 10-30g 3000-4000
732 Snapper Light Offshore boat / Barra & heavy inshore 2.21m (7ft 3 inches) 2pc 6-8kg 10-30g 3000-5000
902 Shore Spin Rock / Beach / General 2.74m (9ft) 2pc 6-8kg 10-50g 4000-5000
902 Shore Spin Heavy Rock / Beach / General 2.74m (9ft) 2pc 8-12Kg 20-70g 5000-6000
1062 Coastal Light Surf / Rock / River 3.2m (10ft 6 inches) 2pc 3-5kg 10-21g 4000-5000
1062 Surf Surf / Rock 3.2m (10ft 6 inches) 2pc 4-7kg 10-40g 5000-6000
762 Egi Squid Fishing Rod 2.29m (7ft 6 inches) 2pc 3-6kg Squid Jigs 1000-3000
  • Blank:  24 Ton Toray Graphite
  • Butt Assembly: Shimano Split EVA with Custom Reel Seats
  • Guides: Sea Guide. Light weight
  • Super sensitive - great for fishing with soft plastics, blades and hardbody lures.

Note: Multiple images for illustration only. There may be slight differences depending on the model you choose to purchase. Prices will also vary in our order menu subject to which model you choose to purchase:

Shimano Catana Rod Buyers Guide

As mentioned we have a few different models for sale in the catana range and here is a little handy buyers guide we have created to assist you in purchasing the right model for your requirements.

River and lake Fishing models

Models 602 Spin, 662 Spin or 702 Spin are Ideal in the fresh for trout and Bass, the same rod will see you well place to attack the oyster racks for bream, the weed beds for Whiting and the Mud flats for some superb Flathead action. Ideal for lake, river, stream, harbours etc. Perfect rods for use with light baits, soft plastic lures, hardbody lures, and blades.

Either of the three rods are designed specifically for lightweight work including finesse style fishing. Your choice will be determined by the length you require, and the weight of the lures you wish to cast. They are legendary with soft plastics and equally as adept at extracting incredible action from hard bodies. Their sensitivity allows you to work your lures at peak, feel every contour of the bottom, every snag and, most of all, every fishy enquiry. These 3 rods are well suited to strapping on a 1000, 2000 or 2500 spin reel. Spend a little more money on the reel and you might even be able to get a super compact 3000. Whatever the case, you have options

Best selling model: By far the 702 Spin is our best seller – great for estuaries, lakes and other light applications. It is the ultimate soft plastic spin rod.

We now also stock the new 722 model for medium style applications where you need that little more grunt in a spin rod.

Light Offshore Boat / Heavy inshore Models

The Catana 732 Snapper rod makes a great light weight offshore rod for targeting snapper and other reef fish but many anglers also use the same rod to target king George whiting over in the south and western parts of Australia. You can also use this same rod for heavier inshore fishing styles such as chasing jewfish or barramundi in the river or lake systems.

In terms of reel choice we suggest matching this rod upto a 4000 or 5000 sized Shimano spinning reel.

We also sell a 702H Heavy Spin for general offshore fishing which matches well to a 5000 sized spin reel.

Beach and Rock Fishing Rod Models:

The Shimano Catana 902 Shorespin Fishing rod is suitable as a versatile rod to fish rock platforms, sheltered beaches, harbours, lakes and estuaries for a host of fish species. Whilst primarily designed for use with lures such as large blades, metal slugs, hardbody diving lures and surface poppers within a weight range of 10-50 grams you can also use this rod to fish with bait as well from any of the described methods above.

For fishing reel size the Shimano Shorespin Rod is best fitted with a 4000 – 5000 sized reel, preferably in the Shimano brand as this will give you the best balance and action required to provide you with the best possible fishing experience with your Catana 902 Rod.

We now also stock the Heavy 902 Shore Spin as an alternative for heavier spin applications. The heavy spin suits 5000-6000 reels.

The Catana 1062 Rods are ideal If you’re into targeting light surf fish species like whiting, bream, dart though to mid size tailor and salmon then either of the 1062 rods are definitely one we would recommend. We suggest matching the coastal up with a 4000-5000 sized Shimano spinning reel (or 5000-6000 for the surf model) for best performance and balance. The 1062 rods are ideal for light surf and also river and lake fishing where a longer rod may be required.

Catana Egi Squid Rod Models

Whether you collect squid for bait or for the table, a Shimano Catana EGI Rod Squid Rod will definitely enhance the experience. The Catana EGI is specially constructed for casting squid jigs and includes a specialised tip design to mitigate against the common issue of losing your catch just prior to netting. These features alone make all the difference when hunting Squid, now, add split EVA grips, a Graphite blank and lightweight Zirconium guides, and the squid don’t stand a chance.  With and appropriate reel to balance the outfit, casting manners are impeccable.

You will be fishing light. You’ll strap on a 1000, 2500 or 3000 spin reel to complete your rig, and the line you cast is all down to personal preference. Stock up with a good selection of Squid jigs in a variety of colours for safety. Ensure your squid jigs are sharp. As soon as they appear to be a little dull, discard them. It doesn’t matter how good your rod is, if your jigs are blunt, Squid will drop the jig every time.

The Catana EGI rod is a very inexpensive way to arm yourself with a quality, squid specific rod. It should be noted however that while your EGI is designed for Squid, it will also double as an ideal light weight set up for casting soft plastics. The length makes it a great selection for working the beach side gutters for Bream and Whiting.


  • Brilliant new styling ensures you have the best looking rig in the group.
  • Sea Guides provide an ultra-smooth finish for excellent line management, strength and durability while remaining super lightweight.
  • All Shimano Catana Fishing Rods are 2 piece construction for ease of transport and convenient storage.
  • The Shimano Split EVA grips provides an incredible ‘connected’ feel, allowing the angler to feel everything going on at the business end of the line.
  • Each rod is incredibly light for hours of fatigue free casting. This light feel defies the amazing strength of the Toray graphite blank.

Don’t be fooled by the entry level price tag. The most experience lure angler will feel the performance of the Catana. Where the newbie or novice is concerned, we can’t think of a better, more affordable way to taste the joys of finesse fishing for the first time, or, for that matter, tossing your very first soft plastic. Grab one or if you’re not limited by budget buy a couple of Shimano Catana Fishing Rods, you’ll be very glad you did.


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