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Shimano Terez Fishing Rods - Overhead

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Product Description

Shimano Terez Overhead Rods (boat fishing rods)

With Terez it is all about performance. Incredible strength combines seamlessly with a light weight feel and astonishing sensitivity. The C4 blank is the pinnacle of the T Curve 3 play blank range, with the C4 adding yet another layer for a 4 ply industrial strength blank. Of course the blank is replete with everything high performance. The Shimano EVA grips and butt assembly have been uniquely crafted for each model. Shimano custom Winch mount keep the weight down yet hold your reel as if rod and reel are one. The Fuji K guides are made for Power Braid, casting properties are excellent and you will never see a tangle.

The overhead Terez models will be predominantly blue water. You will be jigging, bottom bashing etc, for some of Australia’s most ferocious pelagic and game species. With careful selection of an overhead reel, you will have the perfectly balanced rig, set to take on serious sports fish. The Terez will be a special for the jig expert that will only jig with an overhead.

The C4 blank was designed for braid. The braid friendly taper is a little slower than we are used to in Australia and it provides an excellent cushioning effect, considered essential for lines that simply won’t give.

Selection will be determined by line class. How heavy do you fish? How much sport can you handle? Whichever way you go, you Terez will become you pride and joy. It will be a regular companion in all of your brag photos. Priced to sell and moving very quickly across the range.

Features and Specifications

  • Rod type: Overhead Style / Offshore
  • Blanks: All rod blanks are Shimano TC4 technology, four ply graphite weave
  • Guides: Fuji K Alconite
  • Butt: Shimano EVA
  • Grips: Custom EVA Grips. Unique set up for each model
  • Actions: Fast / Extra Fast
  • Reel Seat: Shimano custom winch mounts
  • Colours: White or Black

Note: Images for illustration only – some variations may occur - Price is for 1 rod only – choose your preferred model when ordering (price will vary also depending on the model and the price will display for that model when you select it from our order menu)

Model info

  • TZC66HPW (White) or TZC66HBLK (Black): Length: 6ft 6 inches - Line Class, 40-80 LB
  • TZC66XHPW (White) or TZC66XHBLK (Black): Length: 6ft 6 inches - Line Class, 40-100 LB
  • TZC66XXHPW (White) or TZC66XXHBLK (Black): Length: 6ft 6 inches - Line Class, 50-150 LB
  • TZC70MPW (White) or TZC70MBLK (Black): Length: 7 feet - Line Class, 20-40 LB
  • TZC70MHPW (White) or TZC70MHBLK (Black): Length: 7 feet - Line Class, 30-60 LB

Fishing Applications and Fishing Reel Recommendations

The Terez overhead rod is suitable mostly for offshore boat fishing. When it comes to picking a suitable reel to suit these rods one thing to remember is that you will need to look for an overhead reel. The Suitable size model range in shimano brand overhead reels as well as some other brands would be 700-800 size, 20, 30 or 50 (but not in game reel models – as these will be too big). We suggest if you are not overly familiar with overhead styles and don’t have a great deal of product knowledge to contact us and we will assist you in finding the most appropriate reel.



  • The C4 blank and its 4 ply weave provide the foundations of the high performance rod series. It is, arguably, the market leader in strength to weight ratio.
  • The Terez is dressed with all of the top shelf hardware that sees it firmly planted at the top of the blue water overhead rod category in its class.
  • The C4 blank directs all the power to the fight. Angler fatigue is significantly reduced and the fish is subdued faster.
  • Its incredible strength does not deplete it of one once of sensitivity. The Terez will tell you everything as if it could talk.
  • The ergonomics and feel put the Terez in a class of its own. With the perfect reel you can achieve outstanding balance.

The overhead purist will love the power of the Terez. Built for power and sensitivity it will do more than enhance you fishing experience it will see you reinvent the way you approach your jigging and bottom bashing. The Shimano Terez Overhead Rod is unique and simply in a class of its own.



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