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Shimano Revolution Offshore Boat Rods

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Product Description

Shimano Revolution Offshore Boat Rods For Sale

Most Shimano fans will be well aware of the extensive Revolution range of fishing rods. For that matter, most serious anglers know that whatever style of fishing they’re into there is more than likely a Revolution to fit the purpose. Moreover, the Revolution fishing rod range provides uniform, consistent quality and performance across the range.

Revolution is indeed an appropriate title for the series as it represents a game changing approach to rod manufacture and, therefore, rod selection. An angler can simply select a rod based on application without having to do brand research and comparisons. Simply, know your application, then select the appropriate Shimano Revolution boat rod and you know from the outset you will have exceptional performance, phenomenal durability and build quality for an amazingly accessible price.

The offshore boat rod models listed below are loaded with performance features one expects to see in rods commanding a much more expensive ticket to ride. You want confidence when a blue water battle gets heavy and aggressive. The Shimano Revolution Offshore Boat Rods provide the confidence you need to seriously lay into offshore monsters with the muscle you know is required to see missiles like big kingfish, marlin or tuna turn toward the boat depending on which model you choose to purchase.

If trolling for heavy games species is your thing why not go heavy with the RVLO24TRL. Spin up a storm with the 7 series. If it’s sport you’re after go light with the RVLO702SP for species like snapper. For bigger targets, where more muscle is required the RVLO762SP may be a better fit for you. And for those that are going as crazy as the rest of us with stick baits, look to the SB for the profound strength and leverage you need to wrestle serious monsters from the deep using heavy weight stick baits.

We’re big fans of the Shimano Revolution Offshore Boat Rods. For that matter, we love the whole Revolution series. But seeing a boat rod of this pedigree, in some cases, half the price of comparable models, reminds us that Shimano is looking after their fans. You invest a lot to hit the blue water regularly, we think it is a ‘revolutionary’ concept that a top shelf manufacturer is doing their best to keep you there, with change in your pocket, yet armed to perform. Check the list of Shimano Revolution Offshore Boat Rods for sale now. There is definitely one with your name on it.

Features and Specifications

  • Suitable for boat fishing
  • Rods sport fast to extra fast actions
  • Shimano Torquay graphite blank construction
  • Full length EVA Rod handles
  • Fuji Alconite Guides (K Series)

Images for illustration only, some slight variances may occur between models.  Price is for 1 rod only.

Model Specific info



  • Lentht: 7ft
  • Pieces: 2 piece rod blank
  • Line Weight Rating: 5-10kg
  • Lure Weight: 10-40g
  • Type: Spin

Fishing Application and reel selection guide: This rod makes a great light-medium boat rod for chasing reef fish such as snapper, reef mulloway and more. Suggested spin reel size is 4000-5000.


  • Length: 7ft
  • Pieces: 1pc rod blank
  • Line Weight Rating: 6-12kg
  • Lure Weight: 20-70g
  • Type: Spin

Fishing Application and reel selection guide: Ideal boat rod for bottom bashing or spinning for a range of species. Ideal for use with a spin type fishing reel in sizes


  • Length: 7ft 6 inches
  • Pieces: 2pc rod
  • Line Weight Rating: 10-15kg
  • Lure Weight: 30-100g
  • Type: Spin

Fishing Application and reel selection guide: Perfect heavy boat rod for a wide range of fish from casting lures to bottom bashing. We suggest fishing reel size of around 8,000, 10,000 for use with this rod.


  • Length 8ft
  • Pieces: 2
  • Line Weight: approx 10-24kg
  • Lure Weight: Approx 40-150g
  • Type: Spin

Fishing Application and reel selection guide: Suitable for stickbaits, poppers and sliders to chase Giant trevally, kingfish and a host of other top water target fish. Best used with a 10,000, 14000 or 18,000 sized spin reel.



  • Length: 1.83m
  • Pieces: 1pc rod blank
  • Line Weight: 10-15kg
  • Type: Suits overhead reels only
  • Fishing Application and reel selection guide: A trolling rod that suits overhead type reels only. 10-15kg rating means this rod is ideal for species like mahi mahi, sailfish, small tuna, small sharks, kingfish and more. We suggest a Shimano 25 or 30 sized game reel for use with this rod. Such options include the Shimano TLD, Tiagra or Tyrnos.


  • Length: 1.73m
  • Pieces: 1pc rod blank
  • Line Weight: 24kg
  • Type: Suits overhead reels only
  • Fishing Application and reel selection guide: A fishing rod designed with trolling in mind. Suitable for chasing tuna, marlin, sharks and other larger game fish. We suggest a 50 sized game reel with use of this rod and some models include the Shimano TLD, Tiagra or Tyrnos.


  • The 24-30 Ton Toray Graphite Blank provides profound strength with a narrow diameter that is super lightweight. All the strength with none of the fatigue.
  • Top Shelf inclusions including Fuji Alconite guides on most models and Full Length, ergonomic EVA grips enhance the fishing experience and allow for easy use with boat rod holders.
  • Lock your reel to your rod with custom Shimano reel seats. This rock solid connection ensures power is transferred to the business end of the battle.
  • The Revolution styling is very slick. This is a boat fishing rod that not only feels fantastic but also looks awesome.
  • Create a Revolution in your Boat and stock it with Shimano Revolution Offshore Boat Rods. Precision performance has never been so affordable in a top shelf brand. You will love them, as will every guest you invite on board. Choose the model you desire and add it to your cart today.

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