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Shimano Revolution Deep Drop RVLODEEP Fishing Rod For Electric Reels

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Product Description

Shimano Revolution Deep Drop RVLODEEP Fishing Rod For Electric Reels

There are serious rewards for fishing deep offshore. Fishing the canyons, steep drop-offs, the edge of the shelf, in fact most blue water 90 meters and beyond, can deliver a fascinating range of fish, many of which are profoundly good on the table, Pearl Perch, Gemfish, Hapuku, Blue Eye Cod, being just a couple of prime fish examples. You will also find pelagic species, including those that traverse the many depths of the water column on the hunt for lunch. Tuna of all sorts frequent the depths, just to whet your appetite a little further.

Fishing deep is notoriously hard work. Jigging or bottom bashing the dark depths is a physical strain in anybody’s language. A couple of long drops, some violent jigging followed, hopefully, by subsequent catches, can feel like a couple of hours at the gym. You can do yourself a big favour and remove a tremendous amount of the effort by using the right kit.

The Shimano Revolution Deep Drop RVLODEEP is one such rod for electric fishing reels that sets you on the path to strain free bottom bashing. The Revolution series of rods encompass a range of rods that have been designed with specific applications in mind. The Deep Drop is indeed one rod designed with specific intent and it has 3 key bottom fishing features that take a lot of the back breaking work out of working deep stuff. The first and most obvious feature is the aluminium bent butt. The second is, you can lock on an electric reel such as the Beastmaster 9000 and third, they work beautifully when employed for slow jigging with jigs such as the Shimano Bottomship Jig.

The performance Toray blank and Fuji hardware are, of course, significant features in their own right but it is the 3 design elements mentioned in the previous paragraph that make the Deep Drop such an awesome rod for hunting deep in the water column. What’s more, the Shimano Revolution deep Drop for sale now is very affordably priced.

With a normal, human cranked reel you can hook on a D jig and allow the movement of the swell to do all the jigging work for you. Alternatively, hook up an electric reel and get all the benefits of measuring depths and bait positions coupled with effort free cranking. The bent alloy butt is ergonomically designed to see your back withstand any strain that remains.

Whichever way you choose to deploy your Shimano Revolution Deep Drop, the murky depths are now more accessible than ever before. Shimano; options and flexibility in performance equipment that you can afford. Get your Revolution Deep Drop now and start exploring the depths with your electric fishing reel.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: RVLODEEP
  • Length: 1.55m
  • Pieces: 1pc rod blank
  • Line weight: PE 10 (suitable for upto approx 100lb braid)
  • Blank: 24-30 Ton Toray Graphite
  • Butt Assembly: Aluminium Curved Butt
  • Guides: Fuji Alconite

Fishing Applications and reel suggestion guide

The Shimano Deep Drop Rod is designed for boat fishing on the ocean in conjunction with an electric fishing reel to tackle many species of the deep including gemfish, hapuku, blue eye and many other large species of the deep.



  • The Deep Drop has been designed specifically for working the bottom at serious depths in conjunction with an electric reel. There is no compromise and this fishing rod is ideal to step up to the challenge.
  • A lot of the back breaking work has been removed with excellent design features including the curved butt assembly, electric reel ready and the excellent jigging performance.
  • The Toray Graphite blank is incredibly light. You get all of the strength you require without the added weight.
  • Fuji hardware is standard. Durability, longevity as well as excellence in line management is assured.
  • Custom EVA grips allow for great feel and superior ergonomics.

The Shimano Revolution Deep Drop is dedicated deep water brilliance. Take the effort out of fishing deep and use a rod purpose built to perform for this application. The quality is superb, the performance is outstanding and the price is very accessible.

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