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Rovex Nitrium Freespooler Fishing Reel

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Product Description

Rovex Nitrium Freespooler Fishing Reels

For those anglers who love to spool up with mono and throw flesh baits and live baits for a mixed bag, the Rovex Nitrium Freespooler Reels are the perfect entry level option. Priced to be accessible to all angling enthusiasts, the twin drag system is simply brilliant.

When set to free-spool via the rear drag, the fish will take the bait completely unaware it is attached to anything. This fish has time to get the bait well inside its mouth before recognising something is not quite all as it should be. By this time, there is no coming back, you have ample time to strike, while the hook is in the prime position to be set. A turn of the crank, and the front drag is engaged and the battle is on.

The models listed below cover light inshore fishing, fresh and salt, with the 4000 and 5000 models capable of heavier inshore work, beach and rock fishing, and some super light sports stuff in the blue water from your boat. You will be targeting Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Mulloway and Snapper as well as Dart from the beach, Drummer from the rocks, Tailor and Aussie Salmon also.

The 2000 and 3000 cover fresh applications and lighter salt water river, bay and general estuary species, from Bass, Yellow Belly and Trout in the Fresh stuff, to the classics of Bream, Whiting and Flathead in the salt.

The Rovex Nitrium Freespooler Reels, while built for bait, will also be just as good for casting lures. Hedge your bets, grab a Rovex Nitrium reel, and hit the water this weekend for a maxed bag limit.


Features and Specifications

ModelRatioBearingsLine Capacity (Mono)
Nitrium NI2000 5.2:1 3 9lb/180m
Nitrium NI30000 5.2:1 3 10lb/200m
Nitrium NI4000 5.2:1 3 15lb/240m
Nitrium NI5000 5.2:1 3 12lb/270m
  • Freespooling second drag
  • 3 ball bearings
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Thick bail wire
  • One touch folding handle
  • Ported aluminium spool
  • Graphite body and rotor

Note: Price is for 1 fishing reel only – Choose model required from our order menu


  • The dual drag system is ideal for fishing flesh and live baits. The fish can run with the bait feeling no resistance giving you more time for the optimum strike.
  • The ported alloy spool plus full graphite body and rotor keep weight to an absolute minimum with no sacrifice in strength and power.
  • The stainless main shaft offers outstanding protection from the inevitable ingress of salt and dust.
  • The infinite Anti-Reverse is a must have in modern reels. The chance of losing a fish through slack line is reduced significantly.
  • The thick bail wire adds to the rugged good looks and extends the working life of the reel. No bends or breaks from simple bumps.

The Rovex Nitrium Freespooler Reels are all about the bait angler. While they will be great for casting lures, the dual drag system is perfect for live baits and flesh baits, while in free spool mode the fish has no idea that the poddy mullet he has just swallowed is attached to an angler. Get yours now.

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