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Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel - Waterproof

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Product Description

Okuma Makaira Spin Reels – Waterproof Game Spinning Reels

The Okuma Makaira Spin Reels is set to change the way you view the good old egg beater. The Makaira has been designed for tackling the oceans biggest. Both reels in the series are whopping big spin reels with the 30000 over a kilo and the 20000 coming in a few grams under. Spools capacities are very generous ensuring you have the back up for the huge runs from fish like Tuna, Sailfish and Marlin.

30 plus kilo of dial in drag allows you to pre-set maximums as well providing fingertip control for mid fight adjustment. The scientifically designed and constructed stainless steel gears are the big news, and were developed just for the Makaira Spinning reel series. These gears, plus the Heavy duty forged handle ensure all the effort you place on the crank is transferred, nothing is lost to twist or slop.

In another first, the Okuma Makaira spin reel is totally water proof. That means you can completely submerge them and crank and not a drop will pass the numerous seals that protect critical components. This makes the Makaira incredibly durable and hard wearing, ensuring a long working life under the toughest of conditions.

The boat angler can troll, jig and cast massive poppers for GT’s, Dogtooth Tuna, Blue Fin, Yellow Fin, in fact anything you care to point it at. Either size is an ideal spin reel for land based game, weather you hunt sharks from the beach or Tuna from the rocks. The incredibly tuff construction makes the Makaira perfect for all game fishing environments.

The Okuma Makaira Spin Reels will revolutionise game fishing with spin gear. Now there is a spin reel that gives you the power to battle all the ocean can throw at you. Sometimes bigger really is better. And the Okuma Makaira Spin Reels for sale now are big reels for the biggest fish. Check the specs bellow and buy yours now.


Features and Specifications

ModelWeightMax DragRatioBearingsLine Capacity
MK-20000RS 921g 30kg 5.8:1 9+1 0.55/340m PE8/340m
MK-30000RS 1040g 30kg 5.8:1 9+1 0.55/340m PE8/340m
  • Water Proof- Great for fishing around saltwater
  • New Drag system – dial in and pre-set
  • Full metal body construction
  • Water sealed full metal body
  • Duel force drag system that is sealed
  • Strong main gear made of stainless steel
  • Heavy duty machined handle
  • Manual Bail System  
  • 30kg or Max Drag
  • Corrosion X  lubrication oil

Note: Price is for one reel only and varies depending on what size you choose. Images for illustration only. Some slight variations from image may occur.


  • Now you can deploy spin gear against the oceans biggest most powerful predators with total confidence.
  • Truly waterproof. You can crank these under the water and not a drop will get through to critical components.
  • The stainless main gear is a game changer. This coupled to the heavy duty forged handle means nothing is lost while cranking. Every bit of energy you deliver on winding is transferred. No slop. All torque.
  • 30 plus kilo of max drag coupled with the significant spool capacity gives you the armour you need to tackle ocean monsters beyond the 300 kg mark. Not bad for an eggbeater.
  • Dial in drag gives you total control. Pre-set maximum limit then strap in and hang on. It couldn’t be easier. Mid fight adjustment is child’s play with the simple, easy to use front drag system.
  • The cyclonic flow rotor is designed to draw air in under the spool to keep your drag cool under load and dry any moisture.

Okuma Makaira Spin Reels are a total game changer in the spin tackle game fishing market. It’s a huge beast loaded with immense power and innovative, intelligent design to ensure you have a fighting chance against blue water monsters. 

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