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Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Fishing Lures

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Product Description

Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Lures – An all year round lure.

All good lure anglers know that come the cooler months, a vibe will often be your go to option for encouraging the bite. When the water is cold and the air temps even colder species such as Bream will hang down deep in the water column and get very selective indeed as to what they will eat. Often, the only weapon to a sluggish Bream to the feed will be a well presented Vibe. The Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Lure is nigh on perfect for this application. The soft PVC outer layer is very flexible and has a truly realistic swimming action. The forked tail works like a fish magnet and no self-respecting Bream or Flathead can leave them alone, hungry or not.

While they are perfect for fishing deep during the winter the Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Lure can be fished throughout the water column. They are just as enticing to summer Bream on the sub-surface as they are to Winter Flatties down deep. There is an awesome selection of colours and two well considered sizes. The 80mm is a perfect all-rounder and the 130mm is ideal for hunting extra-large Flathead, Mulloway and Dam and river dwelling Barramundi. Imported in Australia by Kokoda Tackle, they are durable and accessibly priced. They are an ideal lure for the estuaries, rivers, dams and bays but with the 130mm weighing in at 33 grams, you can hit the waters outside the heads and drop them down deep for big reds. The Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Lures come rigged ready to cast. As with most lures, it pays to purchase a selection so you know you are covered for a variety of conditions and applications.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 8cm or 13cm
  • Weights: 15g (8cm) or 33g (13cm)
  • Material: Soft PVC outer
  • Profile: Baitfish, fork tail
  • Hooks: BKK treble

Note: Price is for 1 lure only – images are just for illustration purpose

Suitable year round for common species such as:

80mm size

Bream, Bass, Flathead, mangrove jack, snapper, threadfin salmon, yellowbelly, etc.

130mm size

Mulloway, snapper, barramundi, murray cod, Australian salmon, Extra large flathead etc.



  • The Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Lures are your go to lure for Jew, Jacks, Cod, Barra, snapper, & threadfin as well as Bream and Flathead.
  • The Vibe is a versatile lure that works well throughout the water column giving you a host of options with the one lure.
  • The 130mm is an excellent choice for chasing extra-large Flathead, Jew and Barramundi.
  • BKK hooks are super sharp, ensuring you hold on to your hook up.

Wherever you fish, salt and fresh, or whether it be summer or winter, there is application suited for the use of the Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Lures. These lures are absolute magnets for an amazing range of species, in a diverse array of environments. They can be fished light to medium-heavy and their realistic action will prove deadly on your next outing…provided you have some. Better get yours now.

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