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Fin-Nor Lethal (Lever Drag) Reels

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Product Description

Fin-Nor Lethal Lever Drag Reels (Choose between 2 speed or single speed and 16, 20 or 30 size)

The Fin-Nor Lethal Lever Drag single speed and 2 speed reels are totally brilliant. This is a cost effective series that jams in a tonne of features without troubling your mortgage. Good overhead fishing reels have always required a little more pain in the back pocket but the Lethal lever drag reel has sought to rectify the drawback of this tradition. Make no mistake, the Lethal series is designed for the dedicated big fish angler. The angler demands flexibility in a reel to ensure all blue water applications are covered but without the slightest ounce of compromise in performance.

Both models, the single or two speed, are ideal for Jigging, trolling, bouncing the bottom in the deep and casting big live baits at pelagic predators from a boat. The Lethal is more than robust, it’s a power house. The higher speed ratios are 6.1 and 6.2 respectively making it super-fast as well. For those that require the added feature of serious cranking power, the 2 speed gives you the luxury of switching from 6.2 to 3.0 with the touch of a button. Your high speed overhead turn into a reel with winch like capabilities. This is a serious benefit for those tackling monsters of the deep in long drawn out battles.

The modern lever drag fishing reel has come a very long way since its inception. The function, reliability and ergonomics take a lot of the complication out of operation. They are easy to use and this is a critical feature, particularly when the boat crosses a school of fish and the action turns to frantic. Fin-Nor have made a classy contribution to the market in the Lethal series. Do your pocket a favour and your fishing as well and put a Fin Nor-Lethal Lever Drag single speed or a 2 speed reel in your basket now. It’s time to hit the blue water.

Features and Specifications

  • Choose from single speed (gear ratio 6.1:1) or 2 speed (gear ratio 6.2:1 / 3.0:1)
  • Lever Drag System
  • Solidly build single piece aluminium frame as well as side plate covers
  • Heady duty 35lb max drag capacity
  • Spool is fine tuned and makes use of strong hybrid ceramic bearings
  • Megashield by Fin-Nor is provided which adds an extra level to help against corrosion
  • Bearings: 6 (stainless steel – and double shielded)

Note Price is for 1 reel only, Prices vary depending on the model you choose – Select the model from our order menu to check its price for that particular model


Model Specific details

Lethal Lever drag 16 SizeLethal Lever drag 20 SizeLethal Lever drag 30 Size
Approx mono line capacity: 350 yards of 20lb Approx mono line capacity: 380 yards of 30lb Approx mono line capacity: 365 yards of 40lb
Approx braid line capacity: 450 yards of 50lb Approx braid line capacity: 540 yards of 65lb Approx braid line capacity: 675 yards of 65lb
Reel weight (single Speed) 638 grams or (2 speed) 689 grams Reel weight (single Speed) 658 grams or (2 speed) 706 grams Reel weight (single Speed) 678grams or (2 speed) 720 grams


  • The ergonomic joys of a lever drag give you touch control when the heat is on.
  • MegaDrag provides supreme confidence when huge fish a reluctant to turn toward the boat.
  • A 2 speed lever drag (should you choose to purchase a two speed model) provides incredible flexibility. You have speed when you need it at the touch of a button and enormous cranking power for skull dragging mega fish from the depths.
  • Megalock anti-reverse ensures your fish is hooked more likely to be hooked at first strike.
  • The Lethal Lever drag is incredibly strong, powerful and robust. A long working life is assured, even in the toughest of blue water conditions.
  • Brass gears work hand in glove with 6 double shielded stainless bearings giving you the smoothest of operation under the heaviest of loads.

Whether you jig, bounce, troll or hurl live baits into the deep blue. The Fin-Nor Lethal Lever Drag Reels single speed and 2 speed are geared to see you take a commanding position against the toughest species our blue water has to offer.



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