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Daiwa Tanacom Bull Fishing Rods - Model 66XXHF-Dendoh Extra Heavy (Suits Electric Reels)

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Product Description

Daiwa Tanacom Bull Fishing Rods - Model 66XXHF-Dendoh Extra Heavy (Suits Electric Reels)

Tanacom Bull is a model of fishing rod developed specifically for use with Daiwa’s electric fishing reels. Dendoh fishing places considerable strain on fishing rods and Daiwa has responded with this remarkable design.

Daiwa have made it possible to fish with super strong braided lines by using the toughest available materials and incorporating technical innovations to achieve a light yet incredibly powerful rod for dendoh fishing. Bias Wrap Construction was incorporated from the Saltiga range and applied to glatech composites and HSD graphite. The rod blank is crafted by a diagonal construction method in order minimize twisting and improve the power for hook setting and lifting.

Fuji HD II silicone carbide guides have been included and heavy bound onto the fishing rod lending additional strength. A swivelling Aftco roller tip ensures that the fishing line will not stray from contact with the roller. Daiwa further boost the power of the blank by adding support in the form of a detachable aluminium bent butt.

Daiwa has built the 66XHFD to par with a 200lb braided line, making it the more powerful of the two Tanacom Bull fishing rods. The 66XHFD will let you go hunting at depths of 1000m for the most challenging fish in the ocean. The detachable bent butt will allow you to fish out of a rod holder for added performance. We recommend pairing the Daiwa 66XHFD with electric fishing reels from the Marine Power 3000, Seaborg 1000 or Tanacom 1000 ranges.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: TDB 66XXHF
  • Length: 198cm
  • Action: Extra Heavy
  • Line Rating: PE 120 -200lb
  • Aftco roller swivel tip guide
  • Bias Wrap Construction
  • Detachable aluminium curved butt
  • Fuji Silicone II BHBNG guides
  • Rugged shrink-wrapped EVA foregrip
  • Ultra powerful light composite blank

Important notice: 2017 model now supplied... colour of rod is different and image on our site is yet to be updated (we are awaiting on a new image from daiwa)


Benefits And Advantages

  • Glatech composites and HSD graphite have been used in conjunction with Bias Wrap Construction to create a dendoh fishing rod with the optimum blend of power and lightness.
  • Daiwa has used diagonal construction techniques to create a blank that will resist against twisting when placed under extreme pressure.
  • High-quality components have been used to create these dendoh rods, particularly the Fuji HD II silicone carbide guides. The heavy wrapping of the guides helps to add even greater strength to the blank.
  • The aluminium curved butt can be detached in order to use the Tanacom Bull fishing rods with a rod holder.
  • Tackle challenging fish at depths of 1000m using braided line rated up to 200lbs. Braid is a superior quality of line and will enable you to fish with greater feel and less stretch.

Tanacom Bull fishing rods can fish at depths of up to 1000m and used with 200lb braided lines. These dendoh rods work incredibly well with Daiwa’s Tanacom Bull electric reels to deliver the ultimate in light yet powerful offshore fishing. Order today and enhance your heavy-duty fishing.



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