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Daiwa Saltist Hyper Rods - Popper & Heavy Spin Models

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Product Description

Daiwa Saltist Hyper Heavy Spin & Popper Rods

All anglers are aware of the fact that in the fishing world, only the most prepared anglers tend to succeed and only the most reliable, durable, rigorous and well constructed fishing tackle tend to prevail and that’s where Daiwa Heavy Spin and popper fishing rods come into play. We have four models for you to choose from when ordering and they are the Daiwa Saltist Hyper rods 72MH, 792H, 82XH and 962XHS

All of our heavy tackle spin and popper rods in the Daiwa Saltist range have a well celebrated Bias Wrap structure and you’re going to need this when chasing hard fighting fish such as giant trevally, kingfish and other heavyweights as this technology helps to eliminate rod blank distortion when under stress.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Daiwa Saltist Hyper Popper / Heavy Tackle Rod
  • Type: Spin
  • Sections: Rods are 2 piece separating at the butt/grip or in half - see more info on the specs below
  • Length / Action : (See details below under more about each model)
  • Action: Extra Heavy
  • Taper: Fast

Note: Price is for 1 rod only – Please select your choice from our menu when ordering

More About Each Daiwa Saltist Heavy Spin / Popper Rods

Model Daiwa Saltist Rod 72MH

Is ideal as a medium to heavy spin or popper rod. It’s a 2 piece rod (splitting at butt) and is 7 foot 2 inches in length and rated to PE6 (approx 60lb braid line) where you are going to get the best performance out of this rod is by throwing around lures from 60 grams to 120 grams whether that be metal spinners, large soft plastic lures, poppers or stickbait lures. Common species that an angler would use the Daiwa Saltist Hyper 72MH fishing rod for are Tuna, kingfish, big snapper or queenfish.

  • Recommended Reel Size is a 4500 Sized Spin style Reel
  • 7ft 2 inch
  • Line Rating: PE6 (approx 60lb)
  • Medium heavy Action
  • Lure weight: 60-120 grams recommended
  • 2pc model (splits in half)

Model Daiwa Saltist Rod 79H

Is the rod of choice if you want to take things a to the next level, you’re going to have all the same specs and target species as the above 72MH model however where the only main key differences lies is that this Saltist rod is a few inches longer at 7ft 9 inches.

  • Recommended Reel Size is a 4500 Sized Spin style Reel
  • 7ft 9 inch
  • Line Rating: PE6 (approx 60lb)
  • Heavy Action
  • Lure weight: 60-100 grams recommended
  • 2pc model (splits at butt so 1pc blank)

Model Daiwa Saltist Rod 82XH

At 8 foot 2 inches this is the rod you need for some heavy weight GT or otherwise known as Giant Trevally fishing but don’t let that stop you from also targeting other heavy weights like the big kings of the south or the speedy queenfish of the north.

  • Recommended Reel Size: We suggest a 6500 size reel for use with this Daiwa Popper Rod
  • Suitable for: Fishing with Poppers, stickbaits or big metals for tuna, Queenfish, Giant trevally, amberjack, sailfish etc.
  • 8ft 2 inch
  • Line Rating: PE8 (approx 80lb)
  • Extra Heavy Action
  • Lure weight: 150-300 grams recommended
  • 2pc model (splits at butt so 1pc blank)

Model Daiwa Saltist Rod 962XHS

With this Daiwa Saltist Hyper you can do a few things really from casting out big metal lures, popper lures, and stick baits through to some heavy flesh baits should you desire. This rod is the longest spin rod that daiwa do in this series and is more suited landbased fishing for any heavy weight rock fishing target.

  • Recommended Reel Size is a 4500 Sized Spin style Reel
  • 9ft 6 inch
  • Line Rating: PE6 (approx 60lb)
  • Heavy Action
  • Lure weight: 60-150 grams recommended
  • 2pc model - blank spits in half.


  • If you need a rod to fish hard to tackle heavy weight species then this range of rods is hard to go past.
  • Quality components are used by daiwa to ensure better casting and the best angler experience.
  • Bias wrap is going to help you the angler out greatly as the rod blank will hold its shape better and not distort
  • Fuji O Series guides are used to help protect the guide from knocks as well as improving casts and allowing you to fish with a rod that is going to be far more responsive than a conventional rod.



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