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Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spin Reel (Larger Sizes)

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Product Description

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reel – Choose from 40 or 60 size when ordering

ABU Garcia are known for modest pricing, but very few fishing reel manufacturers are modest about the capabilities of their reels. With the Revo Inshore Reels we find ourselves asking, “What’s in a name?” The 60 of the series seems a little understated as an inshore reel. Recent testing saw it perform brilliantly in a blue water jigging session. Big Kingies make liars of many reel manufacturers but in the case of the Revo Inshore, the 60 performed just as well if not better than famous brand reels that sell at over 700 bucks. There’s a much smaller price tag with the Abu Revo Inshore Spin Reel, so it’s well worth taking note. The Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reel Sizes 40 and 60 are looking to break a strangle hold of the top end brands in this category. With product like this, they’ll do that, and do it in style.

The 40 and 60 have the inshore grounds covered, with the 60 dealing out serious punishment to the monsters that frequent the estuaries, bays and rivers in the top end of Australia. The 40 will give you access to light beach and rock work and will see thrill seekers hunting snapper and surface predators outside the heads for some light action sport. The 60 will handle all your beach activity for the bigger of your common species. It will be an absolute gem on the rocks, giving you all the pulling power you need in what is the toughest of angling environments. Out in the blue, it’s a proven force to be reckoned with. Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reel Sizes 40 and 60 are outstanding reels, and you won’t have to mortgage the house to own yours right now.

Features and Specifications

♦   6 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing

♦   AMGearing system provides

♦   Computer optimized (COG) gear design

♦   Carbon Matrix drag system

♦   C6 carbon rotor (40 size)

♦   X-Cräftic alloy body

♦   Rocket Line Management System

♦   Stainless steel main shaft and components

♦   Lightweight aluminium rotor (60 size)

♦   Machined aluminium braid ready spool

♦   K-Clutch anti reverse (40 size)

♦   Rocket Spool Lip Design

♦   Everlast bail system

♦   Large EVA knobs

Price is for 1 reel only – Choose your preferred size when ordering - Images are for illustration purposes only – differences may occur

REVO2INS40 (Size 40 – medium size reel)

♦   Approximate monofilament line capacity: 10 lb/230yd

♦   Approximate brad capacity: 14 lb/250yd

♦   Max Drag: 8kg

♦   Line Retrieve per turn: 1000mm

♦   Approximate weight: 266 Grams

♦   Fishing Applications and rod recommendations: Medium sized reel for targeting inshore species such as mulloway, snapper, trevally and more in rivers, bays and perfect also for light offshore, breach of rock fishing. For fishing rod suggestions see our size guide and scroll down to spinning reel size 40 / 4000 for some handy suggestions - See the Guide

REVO2INS60 (Size 60 – Med-Large Sized reel)

♦   Approximate monofilament line capacity: 14 lb/250yd

♦   Approximate brad capacity: 20 lb/200yd

♦   Max Drag: 11kg

♦   Line Retrieve per turn: 875mm

♦   Approximate weight: 396 Grams

♦  Fishing Applications and rod recommendations: The 60 Size getting on the larger size of reels and will suit really heavy estuary fishing, bay, habour, beach and rock fishing. As well as offshore for bottom bashing or jigging. For fishing rod suggestions see our size guide and scroll down to spinning reel size 60 / 6000 for some handy suggestions - See the Guide



♦   The Rocket Line Management System coupled with the Rocket Spool Lip Design gives you fantastic casting length.

♦   With the 60, you have access to some big fish, particularly from the rocks and Blue Water. Lock off the drag and hunt monster groper. The 40 will give you all you need for the biggest of our inshore species but will provide sheer sporting fun outside the heads.

♦   6 HCPR bearing provide great protection for the salt water. Add the COG and AMGearing and you have silky smooth operation, a true pleasure under load.

♦   The Carbon Matrix Drag provides incredible stopping power. Turn the most belligerent fish around with 8kg in the 40 and 11kg in the 60. All you need for big fish.

♦   X-Cräftic alloy body provides excellent corrosion resistance protecting your investment from the metal burning salt.

♦   Both reels utilize brute strength without sacrificing the refined feel and performance.

This is when the big expensive brands start scratching their heads. The Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reel Sizes 40 and 60 offer a level of performance and flexibility of application as good as most reels represented in the categories attracting twice the price. These are serious reels and They’re built to handle all big fish can deal out. These are genuine top shelf at a mid-range price. The Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reel Sizes 40 and 60 are for sale now and demand your consideration…They’re that good!



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