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Neoprene Penn Fishing Reel Covers For Sale

From relentless sunlight to constant moisture and grit, Australia’s extreme climate can strain even high-end fishing gear past manufacturer limits. However, our fishing landscape poses more immediate physical damage threats, too. One wrong slip on rugged shoreline rocks or a rod set carelessly onto concrete platforms can instigate ugly scratches, impairing fishing reel function instantly.

Our team of expert anglers at the tackle shop strongly recommends using protective reel covers, such as the Penn Fishing Reel Covers, to safeguard your expensive fishing reels from the harsh Australian environment. We have observed that without proper shielding, the environment can cause damage to your reels in just one season.

Therefore, we highly advise using protective covers to avoid significant damage to your reels. As experienced professionals in the angling and tackle industry, we believe that investing in protective gear is essential for maintaining the longevity and quality of your fishing equipment.

Damage from The Elements

Studies have shown that saltwater causes metal components to corrode up to five times faster than freshwater. Moreover, salt air in humid environments corrodes metals ten times faster than in arid environments. Additionally, Australia's high UV concentration can quickly degrade fishing lines, especially monofilament. These facts make a strong case for investing in Penn Fishing Reel Covers to protect your gear.

The Cost of Fishing Reel Damage

Scratches can quickly ruin the polished finish of a fishing reel's spool, leading to frayed lines and causing casting distance to decrease. Additionally, these scratches can cause the line to cut upon a cast, which is frustrating for any angler.

Dents on the handle can make cranking difficult, and damaged anti-reverse latches can cause many problems.

Lastly, damaged reels have a lower resale value, which can be frustrating for anglers looking to upgrade their reels, especially if the damaged reel is high-end. This can result in a significant loss of value.

Spinning reels can be expensive. Protect your investment with affordable Penn fishing reel covers and save on costly replacements.

Penn Reel Covers For Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing

The Penn Reel Cover is highly praised for its heavy-duty neoprene construction and reinforced stitching, which can withstand harsh Aussie landscapes, from sun-baked inland creeks to intense saltwater rock platforms.

Whether you are storing your spinning reel in a Northern Territory tin shed during red dirt dust storms or transporting it across corrugated Queensland 4WD tracks to secret freshwater barra honey holes, the Penn Reel Cover is essential for helping maintain your fishing reel for optimal performance trip after trip.

Features and Specifications

  • 5mm Thick Neoprene Cover
  • The seams are stitched with reinforced stitching for better durability.
  • Suitable for storing a reel on or off the rods
  • Sizes: Medium, Large or X Large
  • Suits Spinning Reels

Penn Reel Cover Sizes

Available in small, medium and large sizes, there’s a Penn Reel Cover to fit most modern spinning reels from 2500 up to 10500 in size. Determining the right size cover for your model is easy:

Small - Fits reels sized 2500 to 4500 (Approx bag dimensions 22 x 18cm)

Medium - Fits reels sized 5000 to 7500 (Approx bag dimensions 25x 21cm)

Large - Fits reels sized 8500 to 10500 (Approx bag dimensions 28 x 22cm)

Benefits You’ll Reel In:

  • Helps Protect spinning reels from dust, salt, and UV rays
  • Helps maintain smooth performance
  • Easy to slip on and off, even when rod-mounted
  • Prolongs reel life by guarding reel mechanics
  • Allows safer reel storage and transport, minimising the risk of your reel scratching
  • Affordable peace of mind for your fishing gear investment

Penn Reel Cover FAQs:

Will the Penn Fishing reel cover fit overheads and baitcasters?

No, the Penn Reel Cover is designed specifically for spinning reels. Overhead and baitcaster models vary too much in size and shape and will not specifically suit the Penn reel covers for spinning reels.

Can reels from other brands fit in Penn Reel Covers?

It is worth noting that Penn Reel Covers can accommodate spinning reels from brands other than Penn reels. Although there may be some variation in size between spinning sizes across different brands, a 4000 size reel from one brand will generally be similar in size to that from another brand. Therefore, in most cases, Penn Reel Covers can be used to cover reels from other brands.

Can I keep my Reel on the fishing rod while it’s inside the cover?

You bet! The design of the Penn Reel Cover allows you to keep your spinning reel on your fishing rod and mounted ready to fish.

What’s the best way to store reels with covers when unused?

For maximum protection during storage, remove the reel from the rod and keep it inside the Penn Reel Cover in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Buy A Penn Fishing Reel Cover

Penn's pro staff recommends protecting reels with covers. At the fishing tackle shop, we agree and offer competitive pricing and fast dispatch on our Penn Fishing Reel Covers for sale.


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