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Molix Shad 140 Fishing Lure 5.5inch Swimbait

Any angler who has ever fished with a spinnerbait or classic hardbody diver will know all too well the challenges faced when encountering deep water. Spinnerbaits, divers, and even some vibes don't have the casting range or depth-getting ability to reach fish that often hold tight to structures in water deep below. That is where the Molix Shad 140 steps in as a true game changer for deepwater inshore fishing.

The Shad 140 was designed with a particular purpose: to easily reach fish holding in depths of up to 40 feet. Just think of all those jewfish holes, deep gutters and ledges you've always wanted to fish but never had the right lure for the job. The Molix Shad 140 Fishing Lure will deliver the results you need in these deepwater scenarios.

Top-end anglers who fish for barramundi in the Northern Territory have quickly adopted the Shad 140 as their go-to lure for deep-fishing billabongs and river systems. The same goes for those targeting giant Murray cod in the rivers of NSW and Victoria. No matter what your target species is, if it is holding tight in deep water, the Molix Shad 140 is the lure you should try.

Molix Shad 140 lures are not only limited to inshore fishing but are also an excellent option for casting off the rocks or fishing offshore snapper grounds. If you're looking for an all-around soft plastic swimbait that will perform in various fishing scenarios, then the Molix Shad 140 is the perfect option.

Features and Specifications

  • Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure
  • Rigged ready to fish
  • 1x Main Hook, 1x Front treble
  • Weight: 60 grams (2 ounces)
  • Size 5.5 inches (140mm)
  • Ideal for saltwater or freshwater fishing
  • Barra Special - Heavy Duty
  • Colorado blade on belly for extra fish attraction
  • Split tail concept for improved action
  • Paddle tail

Please Note: Price is for one Molix Shad lure only. Multiple images on this listing are for illustration purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Like all good things, the Molix Shad 140 Fishing Lure doesn't come without its fair share of questions. Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and answer them for you.

What fish species will the Molix Shad 140 target?

The Shad 140 is an all-around swimbait that works well for various species of inshore and offshore fish. Barramundi, jewfish, Murray cod, snapper, mangrove jack and other saltwater and freshwater fish will all fall victim to this versatile lure. The Shad 140 will also do the job if you are after a big flathead.

Is the Molix Shad 140 Fishing Lure just for deepwater fishing?

Not at all; the Shad 140 is just as effective in shallower water. It's a terrific option for casting from the rocks or fishing shallow inshore and offshore snapper grounds. The Molix Shad 140 is also an outstanding choice for casting long in lakes and rivers for barramundi, queenfish, flathead, fingermark and other fish that may be hiding in shallow water but are hard to reach with other lures.

How do I fish with the Molix Shad 140?

You can fish the shad 140 in many unique ways to suit your fishing style. You can cast, retrieve, troll, or even roll the lure along the bottom.

What colour should I purchase?

The Shad 140 is available in a range of colours that are proven to attract fish. Some of the most popular colours for anglers targeting barramundi in the top end are: Aussie Pearl white, silver minnow and rudd. For murray cod, popular choices include ghost bass and red craw, and for mulloway, silver minnow or mullet are good options. Even though these are some of the most popular customer picks, don't be afraid to experiment with other colours to see what works best in your local waters, as they are all good choices.

How do I rig the Molix Shad 140?

The Shad 140 comes pre-rigged and ready to fish out of the box. It is equipped with 1x Main Hook, 1x Front treble. However, it's up to you if you want to customise the setup and remove the front treble. But be forewarned: many fish strike a baitfish head-on, so there's a reason the front treble is there.

Do I need to add anything else to my fishing tackle when using the Molix Shad?

No, the Shad 140 is all you need. The only other thing you might want to consider is using a Fluorocarbon Leader, as this will help to protect your main line from the abrasive actions of the structure and rocks. Using a fluorocarbon leader also has the added benefit of being less visible in the water column.

Buying a Molix Shad 140 at the Fishing Tackle Shop

The Molix Shad 140 is available for purchase from our online store. If you want a soft plastic swimbait lure designed to target some of the larger inshore fish Australia offers, look no further than the Molix Shad 140 Fishing Lure 5.5inch Swimbait. Whether you're after one lure or a dozen, we have you covered with quick dispatch times and competitive rates.


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