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Zerek Flat Shad Lure - Snag resistant soft plastic Lure 

Not all shads are created equally, and not all weedless shads have earned their weedless title without sacrificing strike to hook-up ratios.

The Zerek Flat Shad- lure-is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop, and its design is genuinely super snag-resistant delivering real hook-up power that’s lacking in so many weedless shad designs.

The real benefit is in the hollow belly design, which has two slits on either side of the body, allowing the shad to compress horizontally and vertically, which means that the weedless hook is quickly exposed when a fish strikes.

The environmentally friendly TPE construction is incredibly durable with the resilience to handle stretching ten times its original size. TPE is also very supple, ensuring the body and attractive paddle tail work fish into a frenzy.

The Zerek Flat Shad-lure is incredibly versatile. It’s brilliant onshore and off and deadly in the freshwater. We sell a few sizes here at the fishing tackle shop, and they’ve all been pre-rigged and weighted for optimum performance as intended by the designers.

Sizes start at 4.5 inches and 17 grams up to the substantial 9-inch 110-gram monster. Check out the specs list below for all of the details.

The size you choose will depend on the fish you target. But this series of shad will allow you to tackle anything from yellow belly to yellowtail kingfish.

There are some incredible fish-attracting colours. All designs have been optimised for Australian conditions.

While sold rigged and weighted, the shads will take a variety of jig heads. Whether you are chasing massive Murray cod, bass, barra or mulloway, you can rig for target and conditions.

Choose one and buy it or purchase a selection of sizes and colours, and find out for yourself the real weedless and hook-up benefits of the Zerek Flat Shad design.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Shad profile soft plastic
  • Lengths: 4.5 inch / 17g, 7 inch / 61g or 9 inch /110g
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Hooks: Chemically sharpened mustard worm hook / Weighted
  • Can be retrofitted with a stinger hook
  • Construction: PTE soft plastic
  • Standout feature: Hollow belly and body slits
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing styles

Note: Multiple Zerek Flat shad fishing lure images are for illustration only. Price is only for one single lure and pricing will vary depending on the size you select when making your online order here at the fishing tackle shop.

Zerek Flat Shad Buyers Guide

Here at the fishing tackle shop, we sell a few sizes of the Zerek Flat Shad Lure from 4.5 inches to 9 inches in length. To assist you in making a purchase decision, we have listed a few of the core notations below in this short buyers guide.

4.5 inch Zerek Flat Shad – in our opinion is the best choice for anglers fishing the lakes and rivers for moderately sized flathead, mangrove jack, fingermark, large lake trout, sooty grunter, threadfin salmon, barra and large yellowbelly perch.

The 4.5 inch Flat Shad will also make a wise choice for when snapper are hanging in the shallow basins. Take note, as you can retrofit the lure to take a jig head of your choice by removing the weedless configuration, you can fish more in-depth in the water column if desired.

7 inch Zerek Flat Shad – is one of our top-selling sizes for those targeting a moderate class of barra, mangrove jack, queenfish, golden snapper, murray cod or super-sized flathead. Its weight of 61 grams means you can cast long distances and achieve cover of more fishing ground.

9 Inch Zerek Flat Shad – is our largest shad for sale here at the fishing tackle shop. A size dedicated to anglers ready for the fight of their lives, to wipe their past PB clean off the chart. Target monster-sized barra, murray cod, mulloway, queenfish, cod and other up-sized classes of fish. At 110 grams, this lure is the ideal choice for throwing on heavy swimbait gear, baitcast or spin gear.


  • A brilliant fishing lure in countless settings and conditions for just about anything that swims.
  • The hollow belly and body slits ensure the hook is exposed on the bite while keeping it snag resistant on the retrieve.
  • The PTE construction delivers superior strength while being supple enough to generate a natural and life-like action.

The Zerek Flat Shad-lure-is the result of critical and creative thinking from the boffins at Zerek. It’s an attractive shad profile with an enticing action that remains weedless while promoting an excellent hook position, turning more strikes into hook-ups.


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