Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B Fishing Lure

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Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B Fishing Lure

Rock anglers across Australia love to fish with metal spinning lures, but a new lure on the market could outperform even the best of them. Meet the Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B, a lure designed specifically for rock anglers and surf casters.

Suppose you're wondering why we think the Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B is an option to consider over ordinary metal spinning lures. In that case, we'll tell you: it's because the action is far more sophisticated and lifelike, thanks to the unique design of the lure. The Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B can swim with a side-to-side rolling action that's incredibly lifelike, imitating the movements of a baitfish in a way that spinning lures can't match. That makes it an excellent choice for targeting fish that are difficult to fool.

The Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B is also tough, with heavy-duty construction that can withstand the punishment of rock and beach fishing and the fish species often found in these environments. Australian salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish, trevally, and many other pelagic fish species could all be on the menu at home when you start fishing with the Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B Fishing Lure.

So, if you're looking for a new option over metal spinning lures or just want to try something different that just might give you an edge over your mates as you battle it out for bragging rights, make sure the Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B is on your list of lures to try. We think you'll be impressed with how efficient this lure can be.

Features and Specifications

  • Saltwater Hardbody Long Cast Minnow (Diving Lure)
  • Heavy Duty
  • Size: 9cm
  • Weight: 44 grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Ideal for rock and beach fishing
  • Impressive baitfish imitation in both design and action
  • UV coated finish
  • Heavy Duty ABS plastic body
  • Wired through reinforcement

Note: The price is for one single Molix HDM Lure only. Please choose the colour of your liking when making your online purchase with us here at the fishing tackle shop.

Where can I use the Molix 90B Lure?

The Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B Fishing Lure is excellent for rock and beach fishing. However, you can also try the lure offshore, fishing around fads, traps and floating debris. You never know what may be lurking underneath. Mahi, Mahi, small tuna, mackerel and other pelagic fish species love to feed in these areas, and the 90B will cast far so you can keep your boat at a distance to avoid spooking the fish.

What is the working depth range of the Molix 90B Lure?

The Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B Fishing Lure is a sinking lure with an optimal working depth between 1 and 5 metres. That makes it ideal for fishing in many different situations, whether casting from the beach, rocks or offshore.

How do I fish with the Molix 90B Lure?

The Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B is best fished using a medium to quick retrieve. The lure has an excellent baitfish imitation swim action; the faster you retrieve it, the more erratic the action will be. That makes it ideal for attracting fish that are smashing into baitfish schools.

What gear do I need to fish with the Molix 90B Lure?

The Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B Fishing Lure is best fished on a medium to fast action spin or baitcast outfit. A good quality reel with a smooth drag is essential, as you never know what fish you might hook up to when fishing around the rocks or offshore. We recommend using a 15-30lb braid for fishing the 90B, with a 20-50lb fluorocarbon or shock leader of about 1-2 metres in length. That will give you the strength to fight fish and the abrasion resistance you need when fishing around the rocks.

What colours are available in the Molix 90B Lure?

The Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B is available in many different colours; however, the excellent natural baitfish presentations are sure to be a hit with pelagic fish species. Our favourites include the Silver Bait, green mackerel and Crazy White. All the colours we sell

Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B Fishing Lure For Sale

There are not too many options better than the Molix Heavy Duty Minnow 90B when it comes to long cast minnow lures for beach and rock angling. Order a 90B today, and we'll have it shipped to you ASAP. Don't forget to check out our other Molix Brand products for sale while you're here.


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