Molix Freaky Flex Lures

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Molix Freaky Flex Lures

Don't freak out, but these Molix Freaky Flex lures are designed to drive fish crazy. These lures are perfect if you're looking to add some serious action to your fishing. Freaky flex are made with a unique flexible body that offers an irresistible swimming action that will result in more bites for any angler who fishes inshore.

There are hordes of soft plastics on the market, but not all are created equal. The Molix Freaky Flex lures stand out because of their unique body, tantalising double ball tail, and freaky swimming action that will drive fish wild! Flathead, bream, Australian bass, redfin, yellowbelly and even trout – no fish is safe from the Freaky Flex.

Whether you're fishing in fresh or salt water, the Molix Freaky Flex Lures are the perfect way to add extra action to your fishing and bring in more lure hits. So don't freak out; pick up a pack of these lures and see with your own eyes how effective they are. You'll thank us for listing them in our online store; we suspect you might be back for more.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 3 inches (7.5cm)
  • Qty in the packet: 6 Lures
  • Infused with salt and shrimp scent
  • Phthalate-free UV Active plastic
  • Super soft
  • Extreme stretch
  • appendages that create micro-vibrations
  • floating material, so it stands up when at rest on the bottom of the substrate

Note: The price is only for one single packet of Molix Freaky Flex soft plastic fishing lures. Multiple images are for illustration only.

Is the Molix Freaky Flex a saltwater lure?

Yes, the Molix Freaky Flex can be used in saltwater with great success, and it's also a fantastic choice for freshwater fishing. Each lure is infused with salt and shrimp scent to attract fish, and the Phthalate-free UV Active super stretch plastic ensures it stands up to tough fishing conditions in either scenario.

Can the Molix Freaky Flex be fished on a jighead?

Yes, the Molix Freaky Flex is perfect for fishing on various jig heads, depending on the desired action. For a slower fall, use a lighter jig head. Use a heavier jig head if you're looking for a quicker fall. You can also rig the Freaky Flex with a weedless hook if you're fishing in heavier cover.

How effective is the Molix Freaky Flex?

The Freaky Flex is a soft plastic lure with a unique swimming action that drives fish crazy. Whether you're fishing for flathead, bream, Australian bass, redfin, yellowbelly or trout, the Freaky Flex is an effective lure that will produce results.

Can I store the Molix Freaky Flex lures with other soft plastic baits?

No, a word of caution with storing the Molix Freaky Flex lures. These lures are manufactured using Phthalate-free UV Active plastic, reacting to other soft plastic materials. We recommend storing the Freaky Flex lures in their retail packaging away from other soft plastic lures.

Molix Freaky Flex Lures For Sale

The Molix Freaky Flex Lures are available for purchase in our online store. We offer a wide range of Fishing Lures For Sale , including the Freaky Flex, and we ship worldwide. Purchase a pack and freak out the fish into a feeding frenzy next time you go fishing.


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