Molix Spinnerbait Lure 1oz Pike

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Molix Spinnnerbait Lure 1oz Pike

When Aussie’s think spinner baits it’s unlikely their lure imaginations turn directly to Italy. If you’re an angler regularly chasing a larger class of Murray Cod, and even fresh water Barra, let all roads lead to Rome.

Molix are a lure manufacturer based in Italy. They design, develop and manufacture a range of unique lures for discerning lure anglers. The Molix 1 oz Pike Spinner Bait is one of their unique creations, and as far as spinner baits go…It’s big!

A 1.2 mm stainless 6/0 hook is surrounded by a litany of oversized enticers that bigger predators will find impossible to leave alone. A large mixed skirt, soft plastic, and metal spinners, cover a significant surface area disturbing all it touches, making plenty of noise and a true spectacle of itself.

This is the sort of lure you need when the water is murky and you need to entice your target from structures a little deeper in the water column. This is a perfect lure for chasing a larger class of Murray Cod and a creative option for freshwater Barramundi.

The Molix Spinnerbait lure 1oz pike model does not require the experts touch. Peak action is delivered via a peaceful, gentle roll, allowing the trailing enticers to brush up against weed, bounce off the bottom and vibrate loudly while generating plenty of displacement.

Molix create and refine their unique lures by listening to feedback from the loyal customers. This is how they achieve their global performance success. Put a couple of Molix Pike Spinnerbait lures 1oz pike models in your trolley now and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Large Spinner Bait
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Hook: 1.2mm stainless 6/0
  • Features: Mixed skirt: soft plastic and flashabou
  • Ideal for targeting murray cod and barramundi in Australian waters.


  • The ideal lure for getting among the weeds at the bottom and deeper parts of submerged trees and other natural structures where cod or barra lie still in wait.
  • Weighing in at 1 oz, the lure allows you to weight up a line class or two for a larger target, without compromising your long accurate cast.
  • The oversize skirt, spinner and plastic work in concert to create plenty of noise and visual stimulation. Covering a larger surface are, the Molix 1oz Pike Spinnerbait will be ideal when the water is murky.
  • The 6/0 stainless hook is incredibly strong making it ideal for the likes of Murray Cod and an excellent creative alternative for Barra when you just can’t pick their mood.

The Molix Spinnerbait lure 1oz pike model for sale now is built specifically for a larger target. Murray Cod anglers will find them invaluable, particularly for the murkier waters following rainy periods. However, such is the class of the Molix, it will work brilliantly in whatever conditions you deploy it.


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