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Halco Max 110 Lure

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Product Description

Halco Max 110 Lure

It’s Mini Me. I am the son of the big daddy 190 and the brother of the max 130. I am that annoying little twerp that catches more fish than my older rivals! Why you ask? I am smaller, I am more versatile, and I open doors to a much wider range of fish species due to my smaller size compared to max 190 and 130 which is aimed more at just larger Bluewater targets.

I will be responsible for targeting species like, small tuna, kingfish, bonito, Australian salmon, trevally, tailor, cobia, coral trout, queenfish, mahi mahi, Samson fish, snapper, amberjack, mackerel and so much more. Hey, I’ll even be good for targeting jewfish and really big flathead in lakes and rivers when worked at slow speeds.

I can be cast off the rocks, beaches or river banks, cast from a boat, jigged or even trolled at around 2 metres depth from 2-12 knots an I have even been known to troll at speeds up to a blistering 19+ knots in both calm to rough sea conditions.

I am the Halco Max 110 Lure. The newest member to the Halco Max family, the son of the 190 Daddy max and the brother of the 130 max. Halco Max 110, get one of me into your lure box and start targeting a wide range of saltwater fish the next time you are out on the water.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Halco Max 110
  • Size: 110mm
  • Size 2 Mustad treble hooks (triple strength)
  • Weight 30 grams
  • Can be cast, jigged, trolled ideally between 2-12 knots
  • Can be worked at high or slow speeds
  • Sinks Rapidly
  • Ideal for a huge range of saltwater fishing applications

Note: Price is for one lure only. Multiple images are for illustration only. Model size is 110 standing for 110mm (no, you do not get 110 lures, just one for the listed price)

Halco Max 110 Lure Buyers Guide

So, by now you will have gathered that the Halco max 110 is the ultimate in versatility when it comes to a saltwater bibles minnow style fishing lure. Capable of catching a list of fish longer than your arm it now boils down to which colour to choose.

If your budget allows for it we suggest going all out and purchasing a range of colours to cover all your bases but for those who’s wallets may be a little conservative perhaps due to the other half looking over your shoulder just now observing with keen eyes, if we were to pick a couple of colours from our range for sale it would be hard to beat our best sellers being H50 Pilchard which obviously mimics one of the most common baitfish in the ocean, H79 Stripey a hot little bluewater colour, H51 Chrome gold or H53 White redhead which a little unusual in colour has always been one of our best sellers and proven fish magnet.


  • A very versatile saltwater fishing lure capable of targeting a wider range of fish species compared to other max sizes available for sale.
  • Built tough with Mustad 3XX strength trebles means there is no need to upgrade your hooks, they are already good enough to tackle most saltwater fish that will eat this bait.
  • Rapid sinking for getting down to the strike zone fast makes this lure ideal for those that wish to do a bit of jigging.
  • Can be worked at a wide range of speeds from blistering fast to slow making it an ideal lure from pelagic through to mulloway.

Want an amazing lure for your tackle box? Make it a Halco Max 110 Lure. For sale now at a price that will not break the bank. We deliver world wide.

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