Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures

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Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures 3 inch or 5 Inch

Berkley Gulp lures need no introduction. If you don’t have a tackle box full of their lures already, it’s time to lash out and stock up. The first place to start is here at this listing, the Berkley 3 inch or 5-inch jigging shrimp.

They’re a brand-new shape, and promise to be ultra-deadly around the estuaries. The Shrimp Profile with curl tail action will be irresistible to the like of Bream and Flathead. They’ll also stimulate the Whiting bite. The southerners will have a ball on Estuary Perch, and the Northerners will enjoy great sport on Sooty Grunter, barra and Mangrove Jack.

Pricing is accessible, pack sizes are generous, and of course, there is an excellent selection of colours on offer (price is for one colour packet only), with all your favourites such as Nuclear Chicken, Firetiger and more.

All lures come impregnated with a scent that drives fish crazy and is manufactured from all natural biodegradable products.

The action and scent combine to encourage an aggressive attack, while the mouthfeel and flavour ensure the fish will hold the bait in its mouth for longer. The result is more time for the strike, promoting a better hook-up rate.

The Gulp Jigging Shrimp lures can be used with jig heads, weighted to suit conditions and position in the water column to target. They also perform beautifully unweighted, perfect for topwater and near-surface fishing.

Whatever your Estuary target, the Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures will spin up a storm from the entrance to the brackish water. When you get far upstream and the salt all but disappears, don’t be surprised to see an Australian Bass aggressively monster your lure.

Fish with braid to maximise performance and always as light as you dare. Be ready to strike on the drop. The tail starts its magic action the minute it hits the water and starts to sink.

Berkley Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures for sale now in 3 inch or 5 inch size.

Features and Specifications

  • Size:  Choose from 3 inch or 5 inch when ordering
  • Scent impregnated
  • Can be fished with jig heads or unweighted
  • Perfect for most estuary species
  • Pcs Per Pack: (3 inch) 6 lures or (5 inch) 4 Lures
  • Note: Price is for 1 packet only – choose colour/size required when ordering

Berkley Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures Buying Guide

3-inch size - is the ideal size for most smaller estuary fish species. Think the likes of bream, bass, flathed, perch and elbow slapping whiting. We suggest a Jig head hook size of around 1-1/0 light guage.

5-inch size - Estuary hunters will find the Gulp 5 inch jigging shrimp lure ideal for targeting massive Flathead. If you are looking for a class of Lizard over the 55cm mark, rig up a Gulp Jigging Shrimp 5 inch.

Those looking to target Mulloway will also do well. However, Be sure to have a range of colours to test.

Hit the north and peg your 5 Inch Gulp Jigging Shrimp at Hungry Barra and be prepared for serious sport. If you tackle the areas where prawns dwell, you can expect to find non-stop Barra action. Remember, Barra can be very fussy about colours, so make sure your northern adventure is covered with a good selection of colours too.

For the boat anglers frequenting our abundant reefs, target species such as Snapper and Trevally and the like. Weight up a little and drop a Gulp 5 inch Jigging Shrimp, the possibilities are limitless. The Tail is likely to attack a fierce attack on the drop, well before it reaches the intended place in the water column, so be ready.


  • The new shape has an incredible tail action that will entice fish to bite on the drop.
  • Works well with a variety of retrieve actions.
  • Brilliant for trying varying retrieve tactics to spark up a sluggish session and lethargic fish.
  • The scent will work to attract fish from quite a distance. It also serves to entice the fish to hang on just that bit longer, allowing you more time to set the hook.
  • While braid is recommended for peak performance, they also work exceptionally well with mono.

No self-respecting inshore angler can afford to be without a selection of Berkley Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures in the tackle box. If you leave home without them, you may miss the catch of a lifetime. Stock up now.


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