Berkley Shimma Shrimp Lure

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$14.95 - $16.95
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Berkley Shimma Shrimp Lure

We were short on wall space at our store, so we skipped stocking the new Berkley Shimma Shrimp Lure in the beginning. The demand for these shrimp was more incredible than anticipated, and they ended up being a tremendous hit! It also caught our supplier off guard because they didn't think sales of this product would ever rise to the extent it has. The Fishing Tackle Shop has made room and can now offer all of the major versions of Berkley Shimma Shrimp Lures for sale, and we are thrilled.

The Shimma Shrimp is a very realistic imitation of the prawns that are native to our local waters. It is available in either 65mm, 100mm or 120mm, which is about the typical size array of most shrimp, and it possesses all of the characteristics you look for when searching for a fishing lure like this. The Berkley Shimma Shrimp lure is soft and stretchy, making it great to cast and easy for a fish to swallow. It is also equipped with strong hooks that are sharp and ready to penetrate the mouth of an attacking fish.

You will find Shimma Shrimp lures work best when cast or trolled along structure, weed beds, drop-offs and even in tidal shaded areas where fish are likely to congregate.

The Berkley Shimma Shrimp Lure is an excellent choice for freshwater and inshore fishing as well as saltwater offshore. The Shimma Shrimp comes in various colour configurations, and the Fishing Tackle Shop stocks all the popular options.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: available in either 65mm (3.5 gram), 100mm (12 gram) or 120mm (20 gram)
  • Action: Erratic vibe action on lift retrieve and glides on the descent
  • Hooks/Tackle: Owner
  • Materiel: High-quality TPE Plastic
  • Suitable for saltwater or freshwater fishing

Note: Price is for a single Shimma Shrimp only; multiple images are for illustration only

Buyers Guide

Here at our fishing tackle shop, we provide all the general information you need to buy the right size. See our helpful list below covering the three measures of Berkley Shimma Shrimp for sale.

65mm Shrimp: Perfect for use in lakes and rivers to target whiting, bream, flathead, perch, Australian bass, yellowbelly, jungle perch, sooty grunter

100mm: Ideal for lakes, basins and river systems for targeting flathead, mangrove jack, threadfin salmon, snapper, coral trout

120mm: use it in freshwater for murray cod or cast in saltwater for mulloway, snapper, barramundi, fingermark, mangrove jack or a dusky flathead of size.


  • Berkley Shimma Shrimp has been developed to deliver on all of this predator-prey action. It has precisely combined the artful blend of vibration, yaw and sinking pitch to seduce predators.
  • Berkeley scientists have developed the natural profile and hues of Shimma Shrimp over time until current production. Thanks to the countless hours of testing and development at Berkley, fish will be enticed to strike a Shimma in any direction they approach.
  • Designed and manufactured from top quality materials, Shimma Shrimp exceeds expectations in every way, shape and form. Using TPE material, Shimma Shrimp is not only inexpensive but more resilient to wear and tear.

To bring you a new dimension to soft vibes, we now proudly stock the Berkley Shimma Shrimp Lure here at the fishing tackle shop. Try them out and pick some up for your friends while you're at it.


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