Zerek Absolute Shrimp Lure

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$15.95 - $17.95
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Zerek Absolute Shrimp Lure For Sale

The Zerek Absolute Shrimp is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. If you target anything with prawns on their menu, (so just about everything inshore), then a selection of Zerek Absolute Shrimp lure sizes and colours is a must-have.

We love the fact that all models are rigged and ready to cast. While this means they cost a little more, you have a level of assurance that your Shrimp is perfectly weighted and rigged.

There is no need to experiment with jig weights and types or various hook sizes. Zerek has done all the work for you. Tie it to your leader and cast.

Sizes include a 3 inch, 3.5 inch or a 4.5 inch model, and there are some excellent colours including bright UV and stunning natural designs. Check out the specs below for exact sizes and weights.

The tear and puncture-resistant TPE body will stand up to plenty of teeth and collisions with the snags. However, it is supple enough to deliver a highly realistic action and feels that the fish can’t get enough of.

The Zerek Absolute Shrimp Lure can be worked with a straight slow retrieve or bounced or hopped from the bottom, delivering a typical fleeing prawn action. Anglers can experiment with the rod tip and the amount of work they put into the tip. The Zerek Absolute Shrimp Lure responds well to both subtle and more aggressive tip action.

Bream, flathead and whiting are a sure bet with the 3 inch size. The larger models will be ideal for targeting Jacks, jungle Perch, mulloway, trevally and northern pelagic hunters that enter the estuaries in the hope of an easy feed.

There an inshore master, with versatility and durability that attract everything that eats prawns. If you’re looking for a prawn profile that’s rigged and ready to cast, look no further than the Zerek Absolute Shrimp.

Features and Specifications

  • Type:  Soft plastic prawn profile
  • Sizes: choose from 3, 3.5 or 4.5 inch size when placing your online order
  • Construction: TPE one-piece body
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Some stand out and also ultra natural-looking designs

Model Specific Info

3 inch Size:

  • Length: 3 inches
  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Hook Size: 1/0
  • Ideal for bream, flathead, Australian bass, perch, whiting and more.

3.5 inch Size:

  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 11 grams
  • Hook Size: 2/0
  • Perfect for flathead, perch, small trevally species and more.

4.5 inch Size:

  • Length: 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Hook Size: 3/0
  • Best size option for targeting mangrove jack, snapper, trevally, large flathead, barra and other larger classes of inshore fish.

Note: Price is for one single Zerek Absolute Shrimp Lure only.  Price varies depending on which size you choose to order. Multiple images for illustration only.


  • A versatile lure for rivers and lakes. Perfect for targeting most inshore species.
  • Pre rigged for convenience and the perfect action as intended by the designer.
  • The PTE construction is highly durable but supple enough to deliver realistic leg and tail pulsing, just like the real thing.
  • Suitable for targeting a vast range of fish sizes, from big jacks and mulloway to pan size bream and flathead.
  • The Zerek Absolute Shrimp lure-is the perfect combination of realism and durability. It swims like the real thing, yet has the durability to see off teeth, powerful mouths and snags, to cast another day. Better still, inshore species can’t leave it alone.

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While the Zerek Absolute Shrimp is an amazing lure for many of our inshore fish species it’s also worth noting that we stock an excellent range of other prawn lures, soft plastics and Lures. here at the fishing tackle shop. While you are here, make sure you check out the rest of our impessive Fishing Lure range for sale.


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