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Penn Reels


Penn Reels has been designing and producing fishing reels for more than 80 years. Those eight decades of design excellence has established Penn reels as firm favourites with millions of anglers from all corners of the globe. Penn fishing reels are available in models suited for various saltwater scenarios, from inshore jigging, reef fishing, beach and rock fishing to game fishing.

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Penn Spinning Reel range

Buy Penn spinning reels cheap here in ranges such as spinfisher, liveliner, slammer, battle and more.

Penn Overhead Reels

Buy Penn Overhead Reels because they are tough and reasonably priced for bottom fishing on a boat! - See our range.

Penn International Game Fishing Reels

Buy Penn International Game Fishing Reels meant for a true championship experience in game fishing!


Penn Spinning Reels – Options are in abundance for spinning reels, with budget to premium models available here. Among the most recognised names are Penn Torque, Penn Slammer, Penn Spinfisher, and Live Liner. All are durable and highly effective in saltwater.

Penn Overhead Reels – Leading this section is the Penn GT & Squall range, which are ideal for going offshore on the hunt for ocean dwelling fish such as snapper, morwong coral trout and more. Penn overhead reels are ideally suited for use from boats.

Penn Game Fishing Reels – You shouldn’t go game fishing with anything less than a Penn International. These premium game fishing reels are available directly on order from Penn and come in single-speed or dual-speed models. Penn crafts the International reels from aerospace-grade aluminium so that they are light as a game reel can be but powerful.

World-Class Performance – The innovative engineering of Penn has enabled the company to claim more than 1,400 IGFA world records. You can have that very same elite level of performance by getting a Penn reel for your setup here at fishing tackle shop.