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Okuma Game Fishing Reels


Okuma Game Fishing Reels have to be superior in strength and power when compared to standard models. To measure up to this challenge, Okuma has spent the past decade striving to develop powerful fishing reels with the strength to capture tough game fish. The best options for you to consider are the elite Makaira and Solterra fishing reel ranges.

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Okuma Makaira Game Fishing Reels

Okuma Makaira reels are the Don of game reels suitable for Tuna and Marlin off the boat or live baiting from rocks.



Makaira for Adjustments – Each game fishing reel from the Okuma Makaira range features a smooth lever-drag system that is highly adjustable. You will also have the option to switch gear ratios on most models as they are 2 speed allowing you to change settings depending on if you are up for a quick fight or a long drawn out battle.

Trolling Reels – Okuma has constructed the body and side-plates of its Makaira reels from a single piece of sturdy aluminium, which helps the reels to exert considerable force while trolling around for malin, tuna or other prized game fish.

Solterra Game fishing reels – Okuma Solterra reels are an affordable alternative that still pack an almighty punch. Okuma don’t sacrifice quality allowing you to target game fish with ease whether it be trolling from a boat or live baiting from the rocks.

Brute Strength – An Okuma game fishing reel with its powerful drag, will allow you to reel in marlin or tuna with ease. All these innovative features and more can be found in an Okuma game fishing reel. All that is left for you to do now is purchase one and go out and hook a beast of a fish.


Okuma Game Fishing Reels