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Okuma Bait Feeder Reels


Okuma Bait Feeder Reels give you the luxury of enticing fish by letting the line run with the bait in the fishes mouth before cranking it into fighting mode when you are ready to do battle with fighting species like snapper and other reef fish. Okuma reels offer considerable value for a generous price.

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Okuma Trio Baitfeeder Fishing Reels

Shop here for Okuma Trio baitfeeder fishing reels – Trio reels make great boat fishing or surf fishing reels particularly in the larger size models.


Quality at its best – Okuma Salina baifeeder reels make a perfect choice when you require a reel that offers top performance for a reasonable price.


Okuma Epix Baitfeeder Reels – Perfect for boat or surf fishing in the larger sizes and great for light boat or estuary fishing in the smaller sizes.



Reef Fishing with Trio – Reef fish will be the main targets for Okuma Trio Baitfeeder reels, as they are ideal for boat fishing but also make great reels for beach and rock applications aswell. Boosting your angling performance will be a list of features that includes a dual-force drag system, anti-reverse, corrosion resistance, elliptical oscillation system, and rotor equalising system.

Entice with the Avenger – Each of the Avenger reels will provide multiple options for line rating and spool capacity. The design of these fishing reels features six ball bearings and a single roller bearing. Let the bait drift with the bait feeder function and bring in the fish whenever you are ready.

Epix Effective for Midrange – Middleweight Epix reels are ideal for reeling in a vast number of fish species. Simply dangle the bait using free spool mode on the fishing reel before switching modes to start the fight.

Powerful Salina Baitfeeder Fishing Reel – A Salina reel can give you incredible power to work with, complimented by multiple ball bearings for smooth performance to boost the effectiveness of the power.

Heaps of Okuma Bait Feeders – We have a great range of Okuma Baitfeeder fishing reels to choose from here at Fishing Tackle Shop. Make sure you take your time to view the range and if you have any questions we would be glad to assist.


Okuma Baitfeeder Reels