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Fishing Books & DVDs


Fishing books and DVD's- Whether you like the idea of a fishing book or fishing DVD for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, our online fishing store has many options to consider. From novice to expert, we have books and DVDs that will help anglers to improve.

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Fishing DVD'S

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Fishing Books

Get informed - Check out our range of fishing and outdoors books.

Fishing Maps, Area & GPS Books

Getting more specific - we have a range of area guide fishing books and maps.



Informative Fishing Books –Our library is stocked with helpful books containing an encyclopaedic level of knowledge on baits, rigs, and knots. Area guide maps are also available to make it easier to find the fish. Then when you catch your targeted species, why not try a fishing cookbook packed with delicious seafood recipes? Your dinner guests will certainly be in for a treat!

Educational Fishing DVDs –Fast track your angling development by learning how to use fresh fishing techniques, tactics, and equipment. Learning from fishing videos makes it much easier to grasp the lessons. Sit back and relax as you soak in the visual demonstrations.