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Complete Book of Baits & Rigs 2 Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

The latest release of the complete book of baits and rigs is a fantastic guide to saltwater and freshwater bait and rigging techniques. It’s an All Australian fishing guide on where to find bait, how you can catch it, how to keep it and the best ways to rig it.

AFN complete book of baits and Rigs 2 is a book that has been both written and illustrated by keen angler Trevor Hawkins.

There are over 35 different baits and rigging techniques in the complete book of baits and rigs. Topics covered in the book are:

Artificial Power baits – which have become quite popular especially with trout anglers in Australia.

Bardi Grubs and wood grubs – are two key grub baits for freshwater fishing in inland river systems.

Beach Worms – A favourite bait when targeting bream, whiting and other river and beach fish species.

Blood Worms – A worm commonly found in deep mud but a fantastic bait.

Bread and Dough – for targeting carp, garfish, mackerel, luderick and more.

Cabbage and Green Weed – for the luderick and drummer angler.

Cockles and Pipis – A fantastic bait for many fish species targeted from beaches and saltwater river systems.

Crabs – Including red rock, sand and soldier crabs.

Crickets – for inland freshwater fishing.

Cunjevoi – for rock fishing targeting drummer, bream and a few other fish species.

Cuttlefish – A fantastic bait for snapper, samson fish, morwong and other offshore and inshore fish species.

Estuary Shrimp – for bream, estuary perch, Australian bass and more.

Freshwater Shrimp – to target yellowbelly and other perch or freshwater fish.

Freshwater Yabbies – for yellowbelly, cod and even trout.

Garden Worms - The little backyard worm. Learn all about what species love this common worm as a meal.

Garfish – Gar’s are great bait and also make an excellent table fish. Learn more in the baits and rigs book for sale.

Grasshoppers – Much like for cricket bait. Learn the ins and outs of fishing and rigging with grasshoppers.

Herring Bait – Learn circle hook or live bait style rigs and tips.

Maggots – Eww! Did they really write about maggots? You bet they did. They make excellent bait, especially for garfish. See more info in the AFN complete book of baits and rigs.

Minnows, Galaxids and smelt – A bait for freshwater fishing

Mudeyes – Dragon Fly Larvae for trout fishing and other freshwater fish.

Mullet – One of the most common and popular saltwater baits.

Mussels – For targeting bream, leather jackets and more.

Octopus – For offshore and inshore fishing.

Pilchards – How to rig on gang hooks.

Pistol Shrimp – Also known as saltwater nippers.

Prawns – The most widely used bait there is.

Sand Worms – for targeting whiting, bream and other fish species.

Scrub worms – For trout, redfin and other freshwater fish.

Silver Whiting – Ideal for snapper and small shark fishing

Slimy Mackerel – as live or cut baits

Squid – presented as cut baits and other ways.

Tuna – for chasing marlin, other tuna and more.

Whitebait – for inshore fishing with either single or double hook rigs.

Yellow Tail – Live or dead

In the AFN Complete book of baits and rigs 2 for saltwater and freshwater fishing you’ll have all these bait species covered plus a whole lot of extra info on bait jigs and rigs, bait gathering equipment and other handy information.

For a small investment of your capital, it’s well worth purchasing the AFN Complete book of baits and rigs 2 for saltwater and freshwater fishing.


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