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Okuma Trio Baitfeeder Fishing Reel - BF80

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    Product Description

    Okuma Trio Baitfeeder Fishing Reel – BF80

    The Trio Baitfeeder BF80 is one hefty peace of fishing equipment. It is testament to Okuma Fishing Australia and there team of designers that such a well-equipped, technologically advanced baitfeeder reel of such enormous size can make its way onto your rod for well under the price we have it at for sale.

    Designed to be fished from the boat, beach or rocks the Okuma Trio Baitfeeder BF80 is very well suited to using live baits and flesh baits. The intuitive design means anglers can move seamlessly between settings. A simple turn of the handle disengages the bait feeder setting when you’re ready to strike and set the hooks. From this point the front drag system takes over without you ever losing an ounce of control, from baiting to inquiry, to strike, through to hook up and fight.

    This is access to monster fish at an unheard of price. The Trio Baitfeeder B80 has all the required power, and then some. The massive spool holds plenty of line, the lengths of which you will need to pull massive Kingfish from the rocks or a crazy Cobia into your boat. The okuma baitffer trio 80 is profoundly strong, it has to be. You’re not chasing Dart with this behemoth. This is a big fish reel.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Model: Okuma Trio BF80

    ♦   Monofilament line capacity 420 yards of 15lb – 350 yards of 20lb or 260 yards of 25lb

    ♦   Line capacity in diameter: 420 yards of 0.37mm – 350 yards of 0.42mm or 260 yards of 0.48mm

    ♦   Gear ratio of this reel is 4.8:1

    ♦   Bearings: 9+1 stainless steel

    ♦   Weight: 700 grams

    ♦   Drag Max – 10kg/22lb

    ♦   Bait Feeder system fishing reel

    ♦   Coating protect for anti corrosion

    ♦   High Density gearing

    ♦   Body and Rotor: mix between graphite and aluminium crossover

    ♦   Spool: Part aluminium, Part graphite

    ♦   Aluminium Handle – forged with an Eva Knob

    ♦   ADC: Aluminium Drag Chamber precision spool system

    ♦   Waterproof drag

    Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

    The 80 Sized Okuma Trio baitfeeder is a large fishing reel so this reel is basically designed for surf fishing and deep sea boat fishing in mind. So any Fishing rod with a length of 12 foot plus will generally be fine to use with this reel for surf fishing and for the boat – generally any rod with a rating of around 10kg or more should be fine – Most spin boat rods will be around 7 foot in length.

    Whist we have a selection of fishing rods to choose from on our website, should you require further assistance simply contact us. This is a guide only, the reel could be used for applications outside of what we have listed - we have just tried to make it easy for you by narrowing it down to the most common situations.



    ♦   The bait runner style is excellent for live baiting and flesh baits by allowing the fish to run with the bait for a while before your confident you’re ready to strike.

    ♦   There is plenty of drag pressure to handle hard fighting fish from hefty bottom dwellers like saltwater cod to our biggest pelagic species.

    ♦   Perfectly suited to chasing massive fish from your boat, the rocks and the beach making the Trio BF80 perfect for your big fish application.

    ♦   Loaded with fantastic technology and ergonomic inclusions that are essential when chasing tackle busting ocean monsters.

    ♦   Astonishing price for such a big, feature packed reel.

    ♦   This size reel suits an amazing range of spinning type rods so you can create your perfectly balanced set up.

    ♦   Hydro Block keeps your drag clean ensuring consistent operation and out of the box performance throughout its working life.

    When you want the biggerfish, you want the Okuma Trio baitfeder BF 80. The inclusions for the price present a very compelling case when making comparisons with other brands and models. Strength, reliability and consistent performance are the hallmarks of this massive offering from Okuma Australia. When you have a prize fish moments from turning, you want the confidence your reel will stand up to the torture. There’s pride on the line at this end of the sport. The BF80 will give you a shot at the battles and catches you will remember for the rest of your life. Buy an Okuma Trio Baitfeeder reel here today at Fishing Tackle Shop and go hunt massive fish.


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