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If you’re a Tasmanian, you may well know the Wingstons Lure company. If you’re a trout angler, you will definitely know the famous Tassie devil lure. Wingstons designs and produces Australia’s most beloved trout lure.

From humble beginnings, the simple yet deadly Tassie devil is now exported to 35 countries, and it’s not reserved for trout alone. The Tassie devil is responsible for taking catches of kingfish, bonito, bass and a whole lot more. It’s just as effective in the salt as it is fresh.

At the fishing tackle shop, we have a selection of Tassie devil lure packs for sale. Each package has a dedicated location in mind with colours chosen based on years of local research and investigation.

Wingstons Tassie devil lures have been in mass production since 1979. They appear in tackle boxes all over the world as the design has proven deadly wherever it is cast. If there’s anything such as a ‘sure thing’ in fishing, it’s a Wingstons Tassie devil.

Wingstons Lures

Wingstons Lures


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