Williamson Sailfish Catcher Lure

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Williamson Sailfish Catcher Lure - Rigged Trolling Skirt

For offshore anglers pursuing the thrill of landing feisty pelagic game fish, the Williamson Sailfish Catcher is a lure that deserves a spot in your offshore lure roll. Skirted trolling lures like this target species like sailfish, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo in the open ocean, and the Williamson Sailfish catcher does the job well.

At 140mm in length, the Sailfish Catcher is sized just right to entice these hard-fighting predators to strike. Its synthetic skirt undulates hypnotically when trolled. The erratic darting and skipping action are all required to grab the attention of fish prowling the depths beneath your vessel.

The premium Suffix leader and sturdy 8/0 VMC hook come pre-rigged on the lure, so the Sailfish Catcher is ready to deploy when it leaves the package. For both seasoned and novice offshore anglers alike, this convenience is a major plus. Snap onto your swivel clip, deploy it behind the boat and start trolling. Hopefully, you'll be reeling in those offshore trophies.

This versatile lure shines when trolled out wide offshore but can also produce exhilarating strikes when fished behind boats heading around the coastal headlands and bommies. The Williamson Sailfish Catcher's robust construction holds up relatively well against the most brutal offshore strikes while still handling coastal duty with ease.

As your lure roll fills up for bluewater missions, stock up on Williamson Sailfish Catchers. Their proven fish-catching ability offshore is truly remarkable. When an unexpected tuna boil or sailfish emerges offshore, you may be glad you purchased and had one ready to deploy.

Features and Specifications:

  • Game Fishing Lure
  • Fully rigged with hook and trace
  • Sufix Trace Line
  • 8/0 VMC game hook
  • Durable synthetic lure skirt
  • Can be trolled at various speeds and rough offshore conditions
  • Size: 140mm (5.5 inches)
  • Affordable price
  • Please note: The Price is for one Sailfish catcher only. Multiple images are for illustration.


Why is the Williamson Sailfish Catcher so affordable compared to other game lures?

We can offer the Sailfish Catcher at a reasonable price because Williamson manufactures the sailfish catchers in high volumes and does not work off excessive margins. The materials and construction quality are still excellent despite the budget-friendly cost.

I'm new to offshore trolling. Is the Sailfish Catcher easy enough for a beginner to use effectively?

Absolutely! One of the great things about the Sailfish Catcher is its versatility for anglers of all skill levels. It comes pre-rigged with a premium Suffix leader and VMC hook, so you can attach it to your swivel (preferably ball bearing) and start trolling without any complicated setup. The action is automatic once you get it in the water, so even rookie trollers can start hooking fish. Don't be intimidated to try it on your next offshore trip!

I'm unsure what rods and reels I need to fish them properly. Any tips?

For trolling lures like the Williamson Sailfish Catcher, you'll want a nice overhead lever drag reel loaded with a strong mono line. Overhead lever drag reels give you the cranking power and drag strength needed to land feisty pelagics. As for the rod, a 15kg class boat rod around 5'6 to 6'6 feet is perfect.

Buy A Williamson Sailfish Catcher from Fishing Tackle Shop

Ready to catch more fish offshore? Pick up the deadly Williamson Sailfish Catcher here at the Fishing Tackle Shop. Imagine those vibrant skirts dancing behind your boat as you troll over busting tuna schools or the possible sailfish showing up on your sounder. The Sailfish Catcher lure is a must-have affordable offshore trolling lure.

Stop dreaming and start catching! Order your Williamson Sailfish Catchers and all other fishing gear essentials today from the fishing tackle shop.


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