Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure

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Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure For Trolling

As the name suggests, this rig is ready to reel in the big ones. Designed for hardcore battles offshore with monster fish like tuna, marlin, and mahi mahi, the Williamson Big Game Catcher gives you an edge when trolling. Don't think it's just for billfish, though - this lure can handle the sharp teeth of mackerel and other toothy critters.

The key is the details. The Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure sports 3D holographic eyes that shimmer as it is trolled, grabbing fish's attention throughout the blue water: the bright colours and erratic action trigger vicious strikes from predators programmed to attack.

The durable synthetic holographic skirt is made to last the battles of tussling with huge fish. While the Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure looks amazing, it means serious business below the ocean surface.

Underneath the flashy exterior is a sturdy 9/0 VMC hook secured with a top-notch Suffix leader. It comes pre-rigged and ready to wrestle even the strongest fish. Just tie it onto your game fishing combo and start reeling in trophies! The detailed lure build lets you troll up to 7 knots to mimic panicked bait and cover water to find the monsters of the deep blue.

Whether you're an experienced boatie looking to relive past glories or a greenhorn angler ready for your first billfish, the Big Game Catcher tips the odds in your favour.

Don't go offshore without a few of these lures clipped on and primed. Giant tuna roam the seas waiting for a contender. Will you take up the challenge? With this battle-tested lure in your spread, you'll sing at the docks in no time!

Add the Williamson Big Game Catcher to your tackle and unleash it on the giants of the deep blue. The 210mm profile, fine details, and enticing action are perfect for targeting the sea's apex predators.

Tuna, marlin, sails, and mahi better watch their back next time you take the rod and reel armed with these secret weapons. The days of returning to the harbour with empty fish bags and stories of the one that got away could be over. Time to stop dreaming and start reeling!

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Williamson Lures
  • Type: Game Fishing Lure - Trolling Skirt
  • Rigged and ready to fish
  • It comes with a 9/0 VMC Game Hook
  • Leader: Suffix Game Leader
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Size of lure: 210mm

Note: Although multiple Williamson Big Game Lures are featured in this listing, the pricing mentioned is for a single lure. When adding the item to your cart, kindly select the desired colour.

What rod/reel combo is recommended for fishing the Williamson Big Game Catcher lure?

Since the Big Game Catcher lure is designed for large pelagic game fish, you'll want a heavy-duty game rod/reel setup rated around 15-24kg. A quality game overhead reel matched with a heavy-action trolling rod does the job.

What is the optimal trolling speed for the Williamson Big Game Catcher?

You can effectively troll the Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure from 4 to 7 knots. Though Williamson recommends staying between 4-6 knots for optimal action, tweak your speed based on what fish you're chasing and the conditions that day.

Actively experiment with different speeds to see what prompts more strikes. Let the fish determine if you should pick up the pace or slow it down by how aggressively they attack the lures trolled at varying speeds.

Dial in the velocity that entices ferocious bites, and hold on tight! Trolling at different speeds throughout the day until you dial in what triggers strikes is key.

Let the fish tell you if you need to pick up the pace or slow it down by their activity and eagerness to bite. Keep adjusting until you find that sweet spot speed where the hits are hot and heavy!

Will I need special accessories to properly fish the Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure?

Quality ball-bearing swivels are a key accessory with the Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure. The ball-bearing swivels allow maximum lure movement during trolling, which creates an erratic, unpredictable action that game fish cannot resist.

The free rotation of ball-bearing swivels also prevents line twists. So, Investing in ball-bearing swivels lets this lure perform at its best.

Buy a Big Game Catcher Lure Online

Take your offshore game fishing to the next level with the deadly Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure. This versatile predator assassin has battle-tested hardware and enticing features to attract trophy tuna, marlin, mahi and more.

The Williamson Big Game Catcher Lure is necessary for any serious game fishing angler chasing trophies offshore. Buy one or a spread today, and get ready to unleash the beasts of the blue!


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