Williamson Exciter Bird Fishing Teaser

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Williamson Exciter Bird Fishing Teaser For Sale

Any seasoned offshore game lure angler will tell you that fishing success in the big blue often comes down to one crucial thing: attracting fish to your lures. Enter the Williamson Exciter Bird Fishing Teaser, a brilliantly simple but effective accessory engineered specifically for this purpose.

The Exciter Bird creates a disturbance in the water that imitates a small school of nervous baitfish. This chaos triggers the predatory instincts of tuna, marlin and other pelagic hunters. They hustle over to investigate what appears to be vulnerable prey, only to find your trolled lures ready and waiting below the surface. It's the perfect way to draw in fish from a distance and improve your odds of a strike.

One of the beauties of the Williamson Exciter Bird fishing teaser is its versatility. You can rig up multiple teaser birds to mimic larger bait schools and get the fish fired up. The sight and sound of several teasers skittering across the surface or just below are more likely to pull fish away from natural feeding areas. They can't resist checking out the action.

The Exciter Bird comes in 5, 7 and 10-inch sizes so you can match proper profiles for the species you're targeting. Run the 10-inch for billfish, or drop down to the 7 and 5-inch models when chasing school-sized game fish like tuna and mahi mahi. It's all about putting the right bait image before a hungry offshore predator.

The Williamson Exciter Bird belongs in every serious angler's spread. Don't hit the offshore waters without one - it's a proven fish-attracting machine!

Features and Specifications

  • Teaser for offshore game fishing
  • Style: Exciter Bird
  • Daisy-chaining is possible.
  • Highly effective at attracting game fish
  • Available in 5-inch, 7-inch or 10-inch sizes (each priced separately)

What colours does the Williamson Exciter Bird Fishing Teaser come in?

The Williamson Exciter Bird Fishing Teaser offers three colour options for sale. The first is "Dorado," a stunning mimicry of natural fish hues found in the ocean. This colouration is a perfect blend of gold, chartreuse green, and blue, which effectively stimulates the predatory instincts of game fish like marlin and tuna. By mirroring the familiar colours of potential prey, Dorado enhances the teaser's ability to attract and allure your target species.

The second colour, "Skipjack," also capitalises on the tactic of simulating real fish colours. It echoes the distinctive dark blue and silverish pattern of the namesake fish, making it an irresistible visual cue for larger predatory fish.

Lastly, there's "Candy Floss," a unique and vibrant option that offers a touch of glitz in the deep blue. This bold-variant brings a dramatic flair to your teaser, creating a vivid spectacle that's hard for any game fish to ignore.

Each colour option is distinctive, giving you the tactical flexibility to adapt to diverse fishing conditions and species. Choose your colour, and let the Williamson Exciter Bird Fishing Teaser do the rest. Please note each teaser/colour is sold separately. Please choose your options when making your online order with us.

What Lures work well when trolling a Williamson Exciter Bird?

When trolling a Williamson Exciter Bird, certain lures are proven to work exceptionally well. Large diving lures like the Halco Laser Pro 190, Samaki Pacemakers, Rapala X-Rap Magnum or Nomad DTX Minnow Lures offer a realistic swimming action that can be irresistible to game fish.

Bibless trolling baits like the Halco Max and Trembler offer a tight wobbling action as they are pulled through the water, creating movements that trigger the predatory instincts of tuna, wahoo, and other pelagic gamefish and will also work quite well.

However, the most commonly used and highly effective lures for game fishing tend to be skirted game lures, with brands like Williamson or Pakula being particularly popular.

Any suggested lures, combined with the enticing disturbance created by the Exciter Bird, make a potent combination that can significantly increase your chances of attracting and getting your game on fish. Experiment with different combinations throughout your spread.

What is the ideal speed for trolling the Williamson Exciter Bird?

As any seasoned angler knows, nailing the perfect trolling speed is more art than science. When running the Williamson Exciter Bird teaser offshore, you'll typically want to set those knots between 6 and 10. But Mother Nature often has other plans. Like a fickle fisherman, she'll throw curves when you least expect them.

Stiff winds or ripping currents? You'll likely need to bump up the speed to bring that Exciter Bird to life, mimicking an irresistible ball of bait no pelagic predator can ignore and dragging heavy divers. Ease off the throttle down to 3-5 knots so they can work their magic at depth.

The truth is there's no magic number etched in stone. You've got to keep a sharp eye on your spread and fine-tune on the fly. Be ready to tweak things until you've zeroed in on the sweet spot for that day's conditions. Adapt or die, as they say. That flexibility separates the legends from the weekend warriors when the bite is on offshore.

Buying A Williamson Exciter Bird Online

If you want to ascend to legend status, do yourself a favour and snag a Williamson Exciter Bird Fishing Teaser online today. This ingenious little accessory is a surefire way to spark a feeding frenzy, calling in the offshore monsters from all around. Don't let another offshore fishing trip go by without one. Your secret solution awaits at the fishing tackle shop, angler. Buy one, deploy it and start rewriting your personal record books.


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