Rapala X-Light Crank Lure

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Rapala X-Light Crank Lure For Sale

Fishing fanatics, a new lure, is now in store at the fishing tackle shop and is about to change the game for inshore anglers. Introducing the Rapala X-Light Crank Lure - this bad boy is far from your average hardbody diver lure. Rapala engineered the X-Light to drive fish bonkers and help reel in the motherload.

The Rapala X-Light Crank Lure boasts an irresistible wiggle and finesse rattle, ringing the dinner bell below the surface. Just imagine yourself casting this lure out as the sun sets over the water. As it wiggles and rattles through the depths, it's practically screaming "Come and get it!" to any hungry bream, bass, perch or whiting in the area. Even lurking flathead won't resist investigating the ruckus the Rapala X-Light Crank Lure causes.

Its versatility is one of the most outstanding features of Rapala X-Light Crank Lures. You can steadily crank it for a slow, tantalising roll, twitch it around the structure to excite any curious fish, or burn and kill it to trigger reaction strikes from predators. This adaptable lure matches your strategies, making it a trusty go-to option for many scenarios, whether on a lake or river.

The Rapala X-Light Crank Lure comes in two models to target different depths. The shallow diver reaches about 90cm below the surface for sub-surface action. The mid-runner dives down to 1.8m, letting you probe deeper structure. So, whether you're skimming just under the top with the shallow runner model or plumbing the depths with the mid-runner crank, the Rapala X-Light Crank Lure is designed to deliver results.

Features and Specifications

  • Style: Small hardbody crankbait fishing lure
  • Purpose: Ideal for river and lake fishing for species such as bass, bream, perch, whiting and flathead
  • Water: Can be fished in either saltwater or freshwater
  • Weight: approx. 4 grams
  • Size: 3.5cm
  • Diving Depth: Shallow Runner (reaches about 90cm depth) / Mid-runner (dives down to 1.8m)
  • Action: Tight wiggle

The listed price is for one Rapala X-Light Crank Lure only. Multiple images shown on the listing are for illustration purposes.

Which fish species are commonly caught using the Rapala X-Light Crank Lure?

The Rapala X-Light Crank Lure is a versatile option well-suited for inshore fishing. It can be effectively used to catch various species in shallow waters. Drag it over sandy flats to entice flathead, work it around rocky outcroppings for bream, cast near submerged structures for bass, and fish weed beds for whiting. The erratic wobbling action triggers strikes from predators. Premium VMC black nickel hooks help to ensure a solid hookset when fish bite.

What kind of rod and line should I use with the Rapala X-Light Crank Lure?

Opt for a light-action rod rated between 1-5kg when pairing with the Rapala X-Light Crank. This rating can typically cast the lure's 4-gram featherlight weight effortlessly. Spool up with a 2-10lb line to match the finesse. This balanced setup will give you the precision and versatility to tempt lurking predators for most inshore missions across flats, creek beds, and structures.

How durable is the Rapala X-Light Crank Lure?

While named "X-Light," this lure is durable and can withstand the demands of fighting strong inshore species. Rapala constructed it with quality components, so it holds up through repeated use. Rinse the lure with fresh water after saltwater fishing to extend its lifespan and prevent hardware corrosion.

Buy A Rapala X-Light Crank from the fishing tackle shop.

If you're looking to reel in epic catches from the Aussie lakes and rivers this season, get your hands on one or more Rapala X-Light Cranks. The wiggle, rattle and versatility are fish candy - designed to drive those fishy predators wild and fill your keeper net. Let the Rapala X-Light help try to make this your most epic inshore season yet! Order a Rapala X-Light Crank Lure today at the fishing tackle shop.


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