Rapala X-Rap Countdown Fishing Lure XRCD

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Rapala X-Rap Countdown Fishing Lure XRCD Series

The Rapala XRCD hard bodied fishing lure is a unique controlled sinking lure that allows anglers to count the lure down to the desired depth then start your retrieve putting Rapala X-Rap countdown fishing lure right in the strike zone.

Rapala X-rap Countdown fishing lures have a controlled sink rate equating to around 1 foot per second so you can count it down to the desired depth. This count down feature gives the XRCD7 or XRCD5 great benefit when targeting fish around structure or when the fish are schooled deep in the water column.

If you’re on a boat fishing a basin, lake, dam or a river with some depth to it and a fish or so show up on your sounder, take note on how deep down they are in feet, drop your lure and start counting at 1ft per second. 10ft down equals 10 seconds. Get to where the fish are and get better results.

Most conventional hard body fishing lures need to be slow rolled or twitched as to entice a fish to strike but not with the Rapala X-Rap Countdown Fishing Lure XRCD series as they produce a light flutter on the sink and fish will often give the XRCD a nudge as it descends.

Features and Specifications

  • Model XRCD 5 (5cm) or XRCD7 (7cm)
  • Controlled Sink Rate / approx. 1ft per second
  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater inshore fishing styles
  • Strong rolling action on the retrieve
  • Flutters on the drop
  • Can be cast or light trolled.
  • Buoyancy: Sinking

Note: Multiple images are for illustration only. Price is for one individual lure. Select the colour you require when ordering.

Rapala Xrap Countdown Lure Buying Guide

There are two sizes for sale to choose from, either 5cm or 7cm. Both make great inshore baits for lakes, rivers, dams and impoundments. Below we will detail the individual specifics of each.

Model XRCD-5

The XRCD-5 is an excellent sized fishing lure for Bream, Trout, Flathead, Estuary Perch, Bass and a host of other species that inhabit our lakes, creeks and rivers.

  • 5cm
  • Weight: Approx 4 grams
  • Ideal running depth 2-4ft
  • Treble hooks: Two size 10

Model XRCD-7

XRap Countdown XRCD-7 is the larger brother in the range at 7cm its still perfect for inshore fishing via lakes, rivers, impoundments and dams but for a larger class of trout, flathead, yellowbelly, mangrove jack and other fish that inhabit our inshore waters.

  • 7cm
  • Weight: Approx 10 grams
  • Ideal running depth: 3-5ft
  • Treble hooks: Two size 6

Our best selling colours

While we recommend a wide range of colours to cover a range of options, our best-selling freshwater colours have been RT, TR, AYU, OG or MD.

For saltwater fishing, our best sellers have been AYU, GGH, OG or S


  • All Rapala X-Rap Countdown Fishing Lures have all been hand-tuned, and tank tested to guarantee a perfect action that swims straight out of the box.
  • A versatile fishing lure. Can be fished in freshwater or saltwater scenarios for a wide range of inshore fish species.
  • Sinks at a rate of approximately 1 foot per second so you can count it down to the desired depth where the fish are situated and be in the exact strike zone.
  • Rapala countdown lures have been designed to cast with ease. They also have a flutter action incorporated into its design that will entice a fish to bite as it sinks.

With its excellent baitfish profile, the Rapala X-rap Countdown Fishing Lure will stand out over the rest and is one that should surely be in your lure box.


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