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  • Sunline Super PE8
    Short review on the new Sunline Super PE8.

Sunline Super PE8 Braid Line 150 Metres

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Product Description

Sunline Super PE8 Braid Fishing Line (150 metre spool)

Take your fishing line seriously. After all, it’s the critical element connecting you to your target. Sunline Super PE 8 is outstanding, class leading braid. It’s designed for those that demand all the best features available in braid as they are more concerned about fishing with the best. Such anglers wish to fish with absolute confidence knowing they have the best connection to their target available. It’s not about price, it’s simply about using the best.

As well as incredible casting manners provided by the smooth finish and the super sensitivity provided by the super low stretch design, the ‘carrier count’ ensures Super PE 8 braid simply outperforms other braids. Carrier count refers to the how many woven strands of GSP fibres are braided together to make the final line. An 8-carrier braid has a more circular cross-section so tends to be more uniform. With a greater number of laminations, an 8 carrier braid can potentially be stronger than a 4 carrier braid of the same diameter and enhance your castability.

Ensure you have the best connection to your potential new personal best fish catch. With excellent visibility and phenomenal knot strength you can rest assured that Sunline Super PE 8 braid line will be less likely let you down when the fish gets angry and takes a run for it.

Features and Specifications

  • Length/Quantity:  150m
  • Strengths (lb): 6-8-10-12-15-20-25-30
  • Note price is for one spool only – choose the size you require when ordering.
  • Colour: Orange Hi Visibility braid
  • 8 carrier braid – round profile
  • Offers smooth casting performance
  • High strength polyethylene construction braid
  • Super sensitive, super low stretch design
  • Slick, smooth line surface
  • Excellent knot strength


  • 8 strand or  more commonly known as 8 carrier braid has a more circular cross section and therefor tends to be more uniform and casts better than flat braids.
  • With a great number of laminations 8 carrier braid is potentially stronger than 4 carrier of the same diameter.
  • The smooth line surface limits guide friction and promotes longer casts.
  • Excellent knot properties ensure knots are easy to make and will hold brilliantly.
  • The super sensitive low stretch designs allows you to feel the most delicate of fish enquiries.
  • The high strength of Sunline super PE8 gives you plenty of confidence when laying into a big aggressive fish.

Fish in total confidence knowing your line is up to the challenge and that your knots will hold. Sunline Super PE 8 is hands down top shelf quality. While there may be a premium on the price tag, it’s worth every cent and then some. Purchase your spool of new line today here at Fishing Tackle Shop, we deliver Australia and Worldwide.

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