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Silstar Xmas Tree Fishing Lures Rigged (2 Packets)

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Product Description

Silstar Xmas Tree Trolling Lure (Pack of 2 rigged lures)

The Silstar Xmas Tree Lure pack contains 2 highly effective trolling lures. These outstanding lures are designed to be trolled behind your boat at a multitude of speeds for a monstrous following of game species.

The Silstar Xmas Tree Trolloing lures in this package are completely rigged and ready to attach to your line, simply go fishing, troll the lure and start catching fish. With slow to medium troll speeds the Silstar Xmas Tree fishing lures can be trolled just below the water surface or with a faster troll speeds the lures will break the water surface occasionally like a fleeing baitfish also creating a bubble trail which is like a neon sign directing the fish straight to your fishing lure.

The Silstar Xmas Tree trolling lures will catch a massive list of game species in Australian and international waters but just to mention a few, Striped Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphin Fish, Kingfish and even Sailfish! The Silstar Xmas Tree fishing lure is a low priced high performance trolling lure and well worth a spot in your fishing arsenal!

Features and Specifications

  • Lure sizes are between 13cm and 16cm in length
  • Package contains two trolling lures
  • Lures are rigged
  • Ready to use straight from the package
  • Extremely successful colours
  • Heavy head for excellent tracking and handling rough conditions


  • The main benefit with the Silstar Xmas Tree Lure pack is firstly its value for money without sacrificing quality. Fully rigged and ready to use.
  • The Silstar Xmas Tree Lures have been highly successful for many years and have earned a popular reputation Australia wide so you can purchase this package with the confidence it really catches quality fish.
  • The Heavy head on the Silstar Xmas Tree lures allows you to run this lure on the surface and sub-surface with simple speed adjustments and it also handles a rough sea.
  • If you’re after a trolling lure that can be ripped out of the packet and tied onto your line and used to catch quality game fish without having to buy hooks and rigging them yourself then this an awesome package for you! Try out the Silstar Xmas Tree trolling lure package and start stretching some line!.

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