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Fatboy Trolling Lures - Rigged

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FatBoy Trolling Lures For Game Fishing – Fully Rigged

FatBoy Viper or Sniper Game Lures are sold and delivered rigged and ready to fish. No mucking about, no deliberations over hook selection and impacts on action. The top shelf hardware and hooks have been masterfully rigged for consistent peak action. This will save you time and money and more importantly, brain power.

The Fat Boy Trolling Lures are proven high performers, bagging and tagging the likes of Marlin, Tuna, the toothy Wahoo, huge Spanish Mackerel, enormous Sailfish, exotic Mahi Mahi, Tackle busting Kingies, Cobia, and the list goes on. The Fat Boy Viper Lures are a special in any boat heading out to bust up the blue.

They are available in two types of heads The Viper (pusher head) or Sniper (rounded bullet style head), with skirt lengths of 6” or 8”. If your wallet allows it’s best to have a range to able to experiment. There are a few amazing, brilliantly researched colours to choose from. Again, a colour selection puts you much higher up in the luck bracket for striking the mood of your target. The hardware is top shelf, with single hooks providing excellent penetration and hold, this is critical considering the power of the species you are chasing. Unweighted, with the Fat boy Viper lure featuring double taper cup face, the Fat Boy can be trolled at all speeds up to 12 knots. The swimming action is stable, with a strong wiggle, while creating an irresistible bubble trail. And the Viper featuring extra weight and crome mirror inserts in the head has proven to be an absolute tuna magnet especially on yellowfin and southern bluefin tuna.

The Fat Boy Viper Lures and FatBoy Sniper Skirted lures are fully rigged, ready to fish and for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Supplied fully rigged
  • Selected models come in 6 Inch & 8 Inch (skirt length only)
  • Fat Boy Viper has Longer head and double taper cup face - unweighted
  • Fatboy Sniper is a weighted and mirrored bullet head lure.
  • Can be trolled at all speeds up to 12 knots
  • Single hooks and quality hardware
  • Ideal for Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish, Kingfish and a string of other game fish species

Notes: Images for illustration only - The supplied head colour you receive may vary from the image shown. Price is for 1 single lure only, choose the model you like when ordering. Price will vary depending on the size also.


  • Supplied fully rigged, nothing more to spend, nothing more to do but deploy and hook up monsters.
  • An ideal game fishing lure for trolling in all conditions from calm to rough.
  • A brilliant trolling lure for all blue water game species.
  • The cupped face should you choose the Fatboy Viper lure creates a spectacular bubble trail the aggressive game species can hear and see from quite a distance, encouraging an instinctive attack. Or if you choose the weighted sniper bullet head expect it to attract fish with its chrome mirror finish head.
  • With the ability to troll to 12 knots, you can cover your target area faster and more efficiently. More coverage, increases you catch.

The Fat Boy Trolling Lures are classy, fish catching, game fishing magnets, and the bonus is the Fat Boy Lures are supplied rigged and ready to fish. You get a premium lure, providing access to the oceans biggest, at a great price, with nothing more to do but deploy.


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