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River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lure

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Product Description

River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lures For Sale

There’s nothing quite like casting hard body fishing lures at Murray cod. The River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lure is a purpose built to target this highly prized fish species and is one affordable lure you shouldn’t be without. Whether you fish from the bank, your boat or your kayak, the cod sniper is a perfect, manageable size you can cast with ease and float right up to the snags, where Mr Murray lays in waiting.

The Murray cod is a very aggressive striker. It’s as though he’s always in a bad mood. He’ll lash out just for getting in his personal space. Intruding into his zone makes him angry and he’ll try to kill whatever encroaches. Being hungry seems to make him angry too. He’s generally hungrier during the warmer months and he’ll strike your lure with ferocity as if it was his last meal.

Just in case you have forgotten, Murray Cod can grow up to nearly 2 meters in length and can weigh in excess of a massive 110kg. Of course this would be the exception, and please, if you ever happen to come across such a monster, please release it unharmed. Murray Cod numbers have dropped drastically through over fishing and environmental degradation. Fish this behemoth of the fresh rivers and streams conservatively to ensure this species stays with us, and fishable, for decades to come. Most cod though that you will encounter will be far less than this size but will still put up a good fight.

Cast your River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lure into deeper water around boulders. They also lurk around undercut banks and wait for critters to fall from overhanging vegetation. Semi submerged logs are a typical Murray Cod haunt. Hit the deeper water around snags getting your Cod Sniper Lure as close as you can to the structure. Your Sniper floats, which is ideal for targeting the heavy structure.

If you’re hitting the rivers and streams on the hunt for our famous Murray Cod, make sure you put a couple of River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lures in your kit. They’re accessibly priced and deadly effective. River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lures for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 120mm
  • Weight: 49g
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Dives: Depths 0 to 2.5m
  • 2 Hooks and split rings are supplied rigged onto lure (one at rear and one at mid point)
  • Suitable for targeting Murry Cod – Freshwater

Note: Images are for illustration only, Price is only for one lure. Choose your preferred colour when ordering.


  • Ideal size and weight for casting without the need for a mega stiff rod.
  • Brilliant swimming action offering maximum attention.
  • The lure floats which allows you to get in very close to the snags and structure without the concern of losing your cod sniper Murray cod lure.
  • A proven Cod magnet built specifically for purpose meaning you will likely improve your strike rates and even land more fish.

The River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lure is a must have for any serious Murray Cod hunter. It is a superbly built lure and walks off the shelf at this very accessible price. Put one or a couple of River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lures in your shopping basket now.

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