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Penn Slammer III Fishing Reels

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Product Description

Penn Slammer III Reels For Sale – NEW Slammer 3 – IPX6 Waterproof Rating

The word is out that the product has indeed exceeded the hype. Penn Slammer III Reels have hit the shelves and the verdict is, the new edition is simply outstanding. From dominating the inshore grounds to chasing game in the blue water, there is a model in the slammer III range that will suit the most discerning of spin reel aficionados.

On first look you will notice a sleek cosmetic look, but it’s the handle that will stand out. Oversized and built for cranking hard, it comes fitted with an alloy knob but is back up with a supplied EVA version as well, brilliant for colder environments and when fishing with flesh baits. Gold highlighted porting also looks fantastic.

The first new feature is the CNC Gear technology. The complete brass system is engineered to within an inch of its life, is profoundly strong, meshed to perfection, and well able to handle the extreme loads that will be exerted when the hefty drag pressures engaged at full. 6 Stainless bearings support the gears to provide silky smooth cranky and brilliant load distribution.

The next key feature is IPX6 Waterproof sealing. This is an independent rating that confirms your Penn will handle spray from the boat from all angles, spray from the beach and rocks and even the occasional full submersion.

The Sealed Penn Slammer 3 drag system with Dura-Drag is the 3rd big feature. This is the system they have in the game models, the technology that allows for such incredible drag pressures. The 3500 has an astonishing 13.3kg, making it the sort of reel that will dominate the insure grounds, tackling larger Mulloway with ease. By the time you get to the 10500, your baiting up for the like of Yellowfin Tuna, GT’s, Sail fish and a host of other blue water game.

We could wax lyrical about the spin masterpiece for pages. The Penn Slammer III for sale now. You simply must get one. Like really!

Features and Specifications


MEDIUM SIZE REEL Models : 3500, 4500, 5500

ModelGear RatioRetrieve per crankMax Drag (lb, Kg)Mono Capacity (yds, lb)Braid Capacity (yds, lb)Approx Weight (grams)Bearings
SLAIII3500 6.2:1 37" | 94cm 30lb | 13.6kg 480/4
395 6 + 1
SLAIII4500 6.2:1 40" | 102cm 30lb | 13.6kg 425/8
417 6 + 1
SLAIII5500 5.6:1 39" | 99cm 40lb | 18.1kg 430/10
636 6 + 1

LARGE SIZE REEL Models : 6500, 7500

ModelGear RatioRetrieve per crankMax Drag (lb, Kg)Mono Capacity (yds, lb)Braid Capacity (yds, lb)Approx Weight (grams)Bearings
SLAIII6500 5.6:1 42" | 107cm 40lb | 18.1kg 390/12
689 6 + 1
SLAIII7500 4.7:1 38" | 97cm 50lb | 22.6kg 490/15
827 6 + 1

EXTRA LARGE SIZE REEL Models : 8500, 9500, 10500

ModelGear RatioRetrieve per crankMax Drag (lb, Kg)Mono Capacity (yds, lb)Braid Capacity (yds, lb)Approx Weight (grams)Bearings
SLAIII8500 4.7:1 42" | 107cm 50lb | 22.6kg 455/20
874 6 + 1
SLAIII9500 4.2:1 40" | 102cm 60lb | 27.2kg 350/30
1160 6 + 1
SLAIII10500 4.2:1 43" | 109 cm 60lb | 27.2kg 435/30
1222 6 + 1

♦   Series: Penn Slammer II  - Slammer 3

♦   Full Aluminium Body, side plate, and rotor

♦   CNC Gear – Machine cut

♦   IPX6 Seal rated body & Spool

♦   IPX6 Waterproof Rating (Independently tested and approved)

♦   Dura Drag Front Drag System

♦   Ball Bearings: 6+1 (Stainless steel)

♦   Instant Anti-Reverse

♦   Oversize, Aluminium Handle (Alternative EVA handle also supplied)

Note: Images for illustration only. Price is for 1 reel, choose which model you prefer when ordering. Price varies depending on the model you choose.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

We have categorized the Penn Slammer 3 Reels into a few separate categories from medium to extra large

MEDIUM SIZE REEL Models: 3500, 4500, 5500 - Suitable for medium-heavy inshore applications and light-medium offshore fishing . Fish them on a 10-12ft light surf rod for whiting, dart and more. Or use them on a short boat rod for snapper and other reef fish or on a light jigging rod.  Will also suit an 8-9ft general purpose spin rod.

LARGE SIZE REEL Models: 6500, 7500 – Best suited to a 10-15ft surf rod or a heavy boat rod. Suitable for rock, surf and boat fishing.

EXTRA LARGE SIZE Models: 8500, 9500, 10,500 – Ideally suited to 12ft+ size beach rods and extra heavy boat rods for bottom bashing and jigging. Best suited for beach and boat fishing.


♦   IPX6 Sealed body and spool design protects critical components from water ingress. Will protect against splashing whilst placed in the holders on your boat and the spray from surf and rocks. Will also handle short dunking

♦   The Dura Drag is brilliant at take-off, removing all hesitation. This is the system Penn have been using in their offshore game reels

♦   CNC Gear technology provides all brass gears, engineered to within microns. They’re super tuff and incredibly smooth so they can handle the massive loads that will be created by the incredible drag strengths.

♦   The oversize handle is brilliant for powerful cranking. It comes fitted with an Aluminium handle but an EVA version is also supplied.

♦   Drag strengths are phenomenal. With 30lb in the 3500 you can tackle mulloway quite comfortably with the smallest reel in the range.

The Penn Slammer III Reels are now on the shelves.  And, there moving off the shelves as soon as they arrive, such is demand. They’re simply brilliant, and already winning awards across the globe. The Penn Slammer III Reels for sale now are a must have for any anglers spin arsenal, where strength, power, performance and class are the key requisites.

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