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Pakula Paua Jet Head Lures (Medium Sizes)

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Product Description

Pakula Paua Jets Medium sizes (Choose from Medium Sprocket Jet, Guru Jet, mouse jet or shaker jet)

It’s generally not every session that you will deploy you large and extra-large lures. However, you can nearly be certain that every time you head out there will be a selection of medium size lures in every spread. The medium size lures are the best way to hedge you bets. You can still attract record breaking monsters from all species but you will also attract the smaller specimen of Tuna, Striped Marlin and Sailfish.

That’s why it pays to have an extensive selection of profiles and colours from the medium Pakula Paua Jets series. The more you have, the better equipped you are to test the mood of the fish on the day as well as, and often most importantly, match the demands of the seas and winds. The medium range in this series is a little forgiving however, in that the 4 in the medium range operate at peak in pretty well all conditions, with the exception of the Jet Mouse. But as every angler knows and to which they can always attest, the really is no substitute for a broad colour section. Check out the list below, and tick of a selection of colours for your kit. The Pakula Paua Jets is truly without peer in the hunt for blue water giants.

Features and Specifications

  • Medium Size Lures – See more info further below on the models for sale
  • Paua Head (impact resistant pakula design)
  • Skirted Lure suitable for trolling - Ideal for tuna, marlin, sailfish and a host of other game fish species

Note: Images are for illustration purpose only – price is for 1 lure simply choose the head, then colour then add to cart

Need rigging? – See our range of rigging gear here

Paua Jet Medium Sprocket

  • Length: 255mm / 10.00 inch
  • Recommended Hooks:  Pakula Dojo 35 size (not included)
  • Min Class:  8kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Positions:  Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shotgun
  • The Paua Jet Medium Sprocket has legend status and will operate brilliantly at most speeds in all conditions. Great on light or heavy tackle.

Paua Jet Guru

  • Length: 260mm / 10.25 inches
  • Recommended Hooks:  Pakula Dojo 35 size (not included)
  • Min Class:  8kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Positions:  Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shotgun, Centre Lure
  • The medium Paua Jet Guru like its cousins and brothers, will be you lure of choice for running fuel wise. It trolls brilliantly a slower speeds. Also brilliant on light gear as well as medium to heavy.

Paua Jet Mouse

  • Length: 240mm / 9.50 inches
  • Recommended Hooks:  Pakula Dojo 35 size (not included)
  • Min Class:  8kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Positions:  Short Corner, Short Rigger
  • The Jet Mouse is a short rigger that seems to be devastating in Violeta, Frigate and fuzz colours. It prefers running in the calmer conditions at all trolling speeds.

Paua Jet Shaker

  • Length: 290mm / 11.50"
  • Recommended Hooks:  Pakula Dojo 35 size (not included)
  • Min Class:  10kg / Max Leader: 300lb
  • Position:  Short Corner, Shot Gun
  • Main Colours:  Violeta, Frigate, Hot Frigate, Fuzz, Black Betty, Gold Kona
  • The Jet Shaker has a violent head shake and creates fish attracting vibrations. The Shaker will be you weapon of choice when the weather turns nasty.


  • The medium class is great for the angler looking to tackle sizes from a broad spectrum so it becomes a more versatile and general purpose trolling lure for marlin, tuna and other game fish.
  • The fish go absolutely crazy at the bubble stream created by the jet head meaning more fish are attracted to the vicinity of your pakula game fishing lure.
  • The quality and finish is superb. Each lure is high performance and incredibly reliable and predictable.
  • Decades of expertise and research is ensuing that you lure is giving you the best chance of success there is.

The medium size Pakula Paua Jets are the lure most likely to get the biggest workout. Ensure you don’t runout of supply of your preferred colours or profiles. Stock up now and take advantage of these excellent prices. We deliver worldwide.

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