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Pakula Shackle Rigs (Twin Hook)

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Pakula Shackle Rigs (Twin Hook Game Fishing Rigs for Skirted Lures)

If you fish the Blue water regularly, if you troll and you hunt game fish like marlin and tuna, it’s highly likely you are, not only familiar with, but a big fan of Peter Pakula. His innovative approach to taking a lot of the hard work and guessing out of game fishing has ensured the Pakula name will remain synonymous with excellence in game fishing products. The Pakula Shackle Rigs listed below are the perfect example of Pakula ingenuity. These rigs will save you time, money and will be directly responsible for a significant lift in your hook-up percentage.

The Pakula Shackle Rigs have several advantages. Firstly, the Pakula Dojo hooks used are astonishingly sharp. They’re so sharp they come with a warning that even the most experience deckie should take extra caution when handling these hooks. They’re made to set easily and stay set but will not differentiate between you hand and the mouth of a Blue fin. Take care. Secondly, the rigs are designed to eliminate line twist. This is a critical process in ensuring spec lure performance. A Pakula Shackle rig is designed to line up with the centre of your fishing lure, thus eradicating line twist.

The rigs are designed so the hooks swing freely. This allows your lure to consistently swim with the best possible action. Pakula wholly recommends that your fishing rigs are set up at an angle of 60 degrees. The logic behind this recommendation is that both hooks will travel up the line with the tips making a slight V formation. This is another reason why these rigs function so efficiently.

The Pakula Shackle Rigs are surprisingly affordable for a twin hook rig considering their top shelf performance. What’s more, with correct care they will see you through many sessions and many battles. Get game wise and grab a selection of Pakula Shackle Rigs. Check the specs below for sizes and lure options.

Features and Specifications

  • Choose from Either DSR Dojo shackle rig models (light) or DSRX Extra Heavy models.
  • There are various sizes available (price is for 1 rig only) and price varies depending on which model you choose to order. Select an option from our drop down order menu to check its price.
  • See Below info on what size twin hook rigs go with what pakula lures
  • Stainless Steel Hooks and Wire
  • Twin Hook Rig
SizeLight HooksStrong HooksSuits Pakula Lure Models
20mm DSR20 N/A Dojo Peche: Uzi, Fluzi, and Micro Uzi, Shredder 15
25mm DSR25 DSRX25 Dojo Peche: Uzi, Fluzi, and Micro Uzi if fishing for small Billfish) Zipper, Mosquito, Needy,Micro Sprocket, Mini Sprocket, Cockroach, Phantom, Stubby, Hornet, Shredder 25
30mm DSR30 DSRX30 Original Series - Small Sprocket, Mouse, Guru,
35mm DSR35 DSRX35 Medium Sprocket, Mouse, Guru, Shaker, Medium Beer Gut, Shredder 35
40mm DSR40 DSRX40 Sprocket, Rat, Bagwan, Beer Got, Pacemaker, Yank, Changa, Shredder 40 and other larger lures


  • Incredibly high performance ensures your hook-up rates will be significantly higher. For the quality angler, this means you catch rates will also improve significantly.
  • The rigs are very easy to fix to lures. This makes changes faster, safer and a whole lot more convenient.
  • The Heavy duty construction will prevent bust ups as well as ensure your rig can be used multiple times. A great saving for the hip pocket.
  • Line twist is all but eliminated ensuring that your lure is performing at peak consistently. Down time is significantly reduced as there is no need for continual resisting of lures
  • The hooks are incredibly sharp, again, ensuring your hook-up rate is significantly increased.

When you fish with Pakula Shackle Rigs you know that you are fishing with the best quality twin hook rig for skirted game lures available on the market. As a blue water angler, you invest a lot in your fishing. Make sure when you’re out there you kits performance is equal to the height of you game fishing passion.


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