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Pakula Paua Jet Head Lures (Lge/XL Sizes)

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Product Description

Pakula Paua Jet Large and XL Sizes (Choose From Jet Sprocket, Jet Pacemaker, Jet Warlord and Jet Wombat.  Pakula Marlin Lures For Sale)

When you’re chasing the greatest prize in the oceans you owe it to yourself to fish with the best. Of course, when you’re hunting big fish, you are going to be using big baits. The large and extra-Large Pakula Paua Jet series are the best in the business. Decades of world renown and tournament victories is testament to this. Pakula is home grown brilliance with a litany of massive bill fish and prize pelagics to its name. Any boat venturing beyond the heads in search of records is severely under prepared without a full selection of Pakula Paua jet lures in the kit.

Of course we recommend that they should be rigged with Pakula Dojo hooks or shackle rigs which we sell separately. If you want to turn the inevitable strikes into hook-ups you want to be sure the hooks are up to the task. Yes, you will pay a little more, but it’s barely a registerable percentage of the cost of fuel to get to the perfect location. Don’t skimp on the critical kit. Your selection of Pakula Paua Jet heads is as vital as your epirb and life vests figuratively speaking. Straight from the top of the top shelf, your Pakula selection is you key to the prize of prizes when it comes to targeting game fish.

Features and Specifications

  • Large Size Game Fishing Lure
  • Paua Head – able to resist impact
  • Marlin Lure – Ideal for all species including Blue Marlin, Black Marlin or Striped Marlin.

Note: Images are for illustration purpose only – price is for 1 lure simply choose the head, then colour then add to cart.  Price varies depending on what model you choose.

Need rigging? – See our range of rigging gear here

Paua Jet Sprocket

  • Length:  318mm / 12.50 inches
  • Recommended Hooks:  Pakula Dojo 40 size (not included)
  • Min Class:  15kg / Recommended Leader: 400lb
  • Positions:  Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shotgun
  • The large Jet Sprocket is the perfect long rigger in Lumo. Word is that this lure in this position is responsible for half of Pakula’s total success. The advice is to be patient. The strike may not be instant but it will happen.

Paua Jet Pacemaker

  • Length:  338mm / 13.25 inches
  • Recommended Hooks: Pakula Dojo 40 size (not included)
  • Min Class:  15kg / Recommended Leader: 400lb
  • Position:  Short Corner, Short Rigger
  • The Jet Pacemakerhas a crazy violent head action. It’s great in any position, but a short rigger special. It will be you first choice in rough conditions.

Paua Jet Warlord Extra-Large

  • Length: 400mm / 16.00 inches
  • Recommended Hooks: Pakula Dojo 40 size (not included)
  • Min Class: 37kg / Recommended Leader: 400lb
  • Position: All Positions
  • The extra–large Jet Warlord went missing on a short hiatus due to production issues. It’s now back and taking its preferred spot in short and long corner positions. The large jets create a hell of a commotion.

Paua Jet Wombat

  • Length:   400mm / 16.00 inches
  • Recommended Hooks: Pakula Dojo 40 size (not included)
  • Min Class:  37kg / Recommended Leader: 400lb
  • Position:  All Positions
  • The extra-large Jet Wombat is another short corner rider with an aggressive action. It’s an all-weather master and trails plenty of attraction when deep diving.


  • The versatility of the large and extra-large jet heads is the key feature that has made them so sought after for targeting and they work claiming many game club records.
  • These lures have been around for decades now. It is there longevity that is your insurance of outstanding quality and performance.
  • The noise, action and visual splendour of these big boys, in any conditions, attract the biggest of our salt water sports fish.
  • This is your direct access to record breaking Marlin. There are no better lures in this class of game lure than the Pakula Large Jet Lures.

With baits like the large and extra-large Pakula Paua Jets trailing your game boat, expect the attention of our biggest, hardest fishing bill fish. These lures are tournament winning class. Ensure you don’t pass the heads without a good selection.  We delivery Worldwide so if you are from Hawaii, California, South Africa, Australia or any of the other hot game fishing spots in the world we can deliver our pakula marlin lures to you.

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