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Medium Size Pakula Lures – PAUA Head Models

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Product Description

Pakula Paua Heads Medium Size lures Skirted Lures for Marlin Tuna and other game fish For Sale

We Sell The Paua Medium Sprocket, Mouse , Guru, Beer Gut or Shaker

Peter Pakula has labelled the medium size range of his Pakula Paua Heads as the ambassadors of the series. It was the Medium size Sprocket that caught the attention of lure experts in Hawaii. The success in Hawaiian Blue water game applications now sees them stocked in this game fishing wonderland. You will see the same success here in Australian waters.

Pricing of the medium Pakula Paua heads is accessible. Peter Pakula suggests that if you are game fishing on a tight, managed budget, you can’t afford not to have a selection of the medium range on board. You invest a lot in a blue water expedition, you want to be sure that your chances of hitting great fish are as high as possible. The best way to be sure that you have hedged your bets and covered all bases is to carry a good selection of medium Pakula Paua Heads in a variety of colours. You attract the monsters without missing out on the smaller Marlin, sailfish and Tuna.

With Paua Heads you have options as well as astonishing performance and durability. Check out the list below and get a little more acquainted with the range.

Medium Sprocket is highly versatile trolled anywhere in any conditions. It is fantastic for light tackle work but also a must to run shotgun in a heavy tackle spread.

Mouse is a short rigger that is excellent in any sea conditions. The best colours are Violeta, Frigate and Yakka. The mouse has no equal in this class.

Guru is ideal when you are looking to hang on to some fuel. While great at a variety at speeds it performs brilliantly around the 6 to 6.5 knot range. It’s a long rigger special.

Beer Gut is the trolling lure choice when you want easy, start towing the. A straightforward any conditions lure that will be loved by novices and the experienced alike.

Shaker has an aggressive head shake action that creates an incredible din fish simply can’t leave alone. The Shaker is your go to lure for rough weather.

Features and Specifications

  • Medium Size Game Fishing Lure (More specs on model options below)
  • Durable Paua Hothead Design head
  • Ideal for marlin, tuna, and other game fish

Note: Images are for illustration purpose only – price is for 1 lure simply choose the head, then colour then add to cart

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Paua Medium Sprocket

  • Length: 255mm / 10.00"
  • Recommended Hooks: Size 35 Dojo Hook (not included)
  • Min Class: 15kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Positions: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shotgun
  • Main Colours: Lumo, Evil Angel, Violeta

Paua Mouse

  • Length: 240mm / 9.50"
  • Recommended Hooks: Size 35 Dojo Hook (not included)
  • Min Class: 15kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Positions: Short Corner, Short Rigger
  • Main Colours: Violeta, Frigate, Fuzz

Paua Guru

  • Length: 260mm / 10.25"
  • Recommended Hooks: Size 35 Dojo Hook (not included)
  • Min Class: 15kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Positions: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shotgun, Centre Lure
  • Main Colours: Evil Angel, Lumo, Blue Kona

Paua Medium Beer Gut

  • Length: 295mm / 11.75"
  • Recommended Hooks: Size 35 Dojo Hook (not included)
  • Min Class:8kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Position: All Positions
  • Main Colours: Yum Yum, Blue Slash, Blue Kona, Evil Angel

Paua Shaker

  • Length: 290mm / 11.50"
  • Recommended Hooks: Size 35 Dojo Hook (not included)
  • Min Class: 15kg / Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Position: Short Corner, Shot Gun
  • Main Colours: Violeta, Frigate, Hot Frigate, Fuzz, Black Betty, Gold Kona


  • The medium lures provide access to a broader range of fish sizes. You start getting too big, you preclude the smaller Marlin and Sailfish.
  • It is the medium range that has been proven abroad. It’s success in both hemispheres is testament to its big fish attracting qualities.
  • Designed by one of the proven world recognised game fisherman Peter Pakula so you know you are getting a design and lure made with dedication and passion that will work on a number of saltwater big game fish species.
  • Paua Head is impact resistant making this lure durable to the fullest.

With the medium size Pakula Paua heads you have genuinely hedged your bets. A good blue water angler knows that conditions and fish moods vary from hour to hour. Grab one or a selection of medium sized Pakula Paua heads and know you have you bases covered.

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