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Kokoda S-Vibe (6cm Soft Vibe Lure)

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Product Description

Kokoda S-Vibe Soft Vibe Fishing Lures

There is a lot of talk about the differences of soft vibes over the traditional metal vibes. The hottest part of the argument relates to one being superior to the other. For many, they have their favourite and won’t be convinced by anyone to change their view. In the end, the issue is broadly subjective and very much relative to experience. So what is the ultimate truth? Is metal better than soft or vice versa? Often the best answers can be extracted from tournament Pros with many taking an attitude that it’s best to be equipped with both. There are subtle differences in their actions that have proved very telling when deployed.

We are very used to the intense vibration and buzz of the traditional vibe lure. If we were to highlight a significant difference between the metal and the plastic it would be that the plastic is a lot more subtle. The vibration or action is tight, the buzz far less pronounced. Does this make them less attractive? Not for a minute. The wise angler knows full well that fish are particularly moody. You may well think the conditions suit a traditional vibe only to find it doesn’t get a look in. A switch to the plastic vibe lure, and it gets smacked instantly. On a different day, the result may be reversed. Think of it like this. There are days when you feel like eating chicken, but the idea of a baked chicken does nothing to stimulate you, however, the thought of a chicken schnitzel makes you ravenous. Both are chicken dishes but the flavour and presentation are different. Fish are kind of similar, so covering all your bases and ensuring you have a selection of soft vibes on hand is kind of critical.

The Kokoda soft vibe will cast a long way and will attract fish of all sorts from the salt or fresh. The colours are fantastic and the plastic is of a construction where the teeth of the first catch generally under most circumstances and within reason (depending on what fish it is) won’t destroy your lure. They are very durable. The S-Vibe is weighted to get down to the strike zone fast. They will be fabulous in the winter when the Bream are schooling deep and the vibe is just about the only lure that will excite them to the bite. The Kokoda Soft Vibe Lures are a necessary weapon for your kit. Grab a selection now.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 14gm
  • Size: 6cm
  • Hooks: 2 x trebles
  • Fast sinking
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent for fishing deeper in the water column
  • Ideal for targeting big bream, bass, yellow belly and other perch species, threadfin salmon, snapper, flathead and more. Ideal for freshwater and saltwater applications.

Note: Images are for illustration only – Price is for 1 lure, select the colour of your choice when ordering. Also, due to manufacturing process plastics can be inconsistent in colour from batch to batch as such there may be some slight variation in colour from that shown in images.


  • At 14 grams, the Kokoda S-Vibe casts a long way and sinks very quickly. Perfect for fishing deeper.
  • The plastic is of a very durable construction. It’s not a one fish wonder. It will survive plenty of encounters before retirement.
  • The colour range is excellent and the translucent skin tends to mimic the translucence of smaller baitfish.
  • Excellent for the salt and fresh and can be deployed to target just about any scaly predator that lives in the inshore fishing ground.

You have to have a soft vibe in your kit. It’s the only way you can cover all the moods of your target species. The Kokoda Soft Vibe Lures are outstanding value for money. Put a selection in your basket now.

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