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Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure

Lure junkies wrap your listening gear round this. Halco has a new weighted stick bait lure on the market and you don’t have to be a fish to see that these guys look absolutely delicious. Apart from a range of spectacular colours and the top shelf finish, the Haclo C-Gar lure has some features that make this an awesome part of your kit for targeting sports fish like Tailor and Aussie Salmon as well as Mackerel, Tuna and Queenfish in the more northern fishing grounds. This 120mm stickbait is designed to work the surface and immediate subsurface. They create just enough splash to entice a hungry predator.

The key feature of the Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure is the casting quality. At 40 grams, the weighting and slick shape allow for prodigious casting distances. This makes it an absolute boon on the beach and rocks but also an important weapon on your boat as often flighty mackerel are intimidated by your vessel and like to keep a distance.

The Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure was designed with a heavy head wind in mind. For those of you that have tried to throw lures into a head wind, you’re only too aware of how difficult, unrewarding and often comical it is. A big wind up gets your lure seemingly nowhere, it floats on the wind like a kite as your line peels off in a big loop beside you as the lure fails to drag it taught through your guides. You will often find this happens when trying to throw underweighted minnows and poppers into a decent breeze.

The Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure is designed specifically to combat this windy menace. He’ll burrow through the breeze better than the conventional fishing lure making it possible for you to reach your strike zone. It will manage this in all but the most ridiculous conditions. In this case you should be at home anyway checking out the latest deal on fishingtackleshop.com.au.

The Halco C-Gar Lure are a fabulous design wind or no wind. It would be a very good idea to grab one or even a selection of colours for matching the bait fish on which your target might feed.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Weighted stick bait
  • Weight: 40g
  • Length: 120mm
  • Hooks: 1/0 Mustad Trebles
  • Depth: Surface / Sub Surface
  • All lures come rigged with hooks. Quality Mustad 3X Strong series trebles size 1/0

Note: Images for illustration purpose only - Price is based on 1 lure only – choose your colour and qty required when ordering.



  • Halco C Gar lure is the perfect lure for casting into a strong headwind.
  • Prodigious casting lengths increase your target zones when fishing the beach and rocks.
  • A great colour selection allows you to consider picking one from our list or if your budget allows, a couple so you can stock up for matching local baits.
  • Cast well away from your boat allowing you stalk more timid species.

The wind is inevitable so having these guys at hand may just increase your day and options on the water. They are perfect for our most famous pelagic sports fish and built super strong to handle the punishment. Only the metal slice could dream of giving you a longer cast. The Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure however, offers so much more. Get casting now with Halco.

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