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Dynamite Trout Bait With Ultrabite 60gm jar

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Product Description

Dynamite Trout Bait

Next time you’re in the market for trout bait, consider Dynamite Baits which is manufactured by a subsidiary of fisherman favorite Rapala VMC Corporation. Dynamite Baits is offering an exceptionally impressive new floating trout bait.

The company itself is touting it as the “best trout bait on the market today”, but it is important to look at just what makes this bait so remarkable, and then to try it out for yourself.

The improved floating trout bait is supple and soft enough for shaping but is still strong enough to last up to a whopping 20 casts before becoming dislodged and lost. The bait is offered in a standard 60g jar and is available in several unique and distinctive flavors to fit your particular fishing need.

Once you’ve come around to Dynamite Baits Trout Bait you’ll know that one of the most important factors that make this bait so much better than all of the rest is the use of the surprisingly effective Ultrabite fish-attracting pheromones that is bound to drive the fish straight to your line.

Features and Specifications

  • 60g jar
  • Soft and pliable enough for shaping and hook-ups
  • Usually lasts up to 20 casts
  • Several unique flavors – just choose your preference from our ordering menu
  • Ultrabite fish-attracting pheromones
  • Suitable bait for trout fishing, (rainbow or brown trout)


  • Having a soft and pliable bait allows for optimal finger shaping and hook coverage.
  • Dynamite baits are created to be long lasting. Many common baits on the market may seem like a good deal but then after just a single use you will find that they quickly fall off and need replacing. The Dynamite Baits Floating Trout Bait is strong and sturdy enough to last up to 20 casts which offers money savings over the long term and more time spent fishing instead of constantly replacing bait.
  • The new Floating Trout Bait line offers a wide range of flavors for whichever species you are fishing for.
  • Included in the new formula is the Ultrabite fish-attracting pheromones. Any fish in the vicinity will come rushing over just to take a bite.

No matter what species of trout you’re fishing for, once you switch to Dynamite Trout Bait you will immediately see the difference. You’ll find that you spend more time casting and catching, and less time replacing subpar bait.

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