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Owner Flashy Swimmer Jig Head

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$3.95 - $15.95
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Owner Flashy Swimmer jig Head

Every angler wants to optimise catch opportunity via whatever method technology, wits or knowledge provides. There's no shortage of technological fishing advances that can give us an edge against our scaly adversaries. So, when a new bit of kit hits the market that stands out as being super successful, we want to know about it.

The Owner Flashy Swimmer is one piece of kit that has hit the soft plastic lure angler market by storm. It's a simple idea that turns your soft plastic fishing lures totally weapons grade. The Owner Flashy Swimmer is a spinner blade on a trailing swing arm attached to a non-moveable weight on the hook shank.

Ideal for weedless-rigged soft plastics, the Owner Flashy Swimmer is going to appeal particularly to Barramundi and Murray Cod anglers, however, it's certainly not limited to these two Aussie fish icons. Plenty of Bass anglers have added the Owner Flashy Swimmer to their essential kit list. Sizes range from 1/0 to 12/0, which in size terms covers a very broad variety of target. Importantly, they're Owner fishing tackle brand; so, you know straight up the quality is unsurpassed.

The Owner Flashy Swimmer jig head adds vibration, extra sound and flashy visuals to your soft plastic fishing lure. In twilight, low light and murky waters, the Owner Flashy Swimmer will come into it's own at whatever depth your fish it. However, the Flashy Swimmer can be use in whatever conditions you face.

The Owner Flashy Swimmer for sale now will fit up to whatever soft plastic you have in your lure kit of an appropriate size, with the only imperative being correct alignment for peak swimming action. Twist-lock screws in the nose keep your plastic securely fastened. Experiment with your soft plastic arsenal to see what works best for your application in your neck of the woods. Buy a pack or Grab a selection of Owner Flashy Swimmers for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Sizes: (see our size guide below)
  • Colour: Hammer-tone chrome finish Or Gold
  • Connection: Twist-lock pigtail pin
  • Weighting: Immovable keel weighting on the hook
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Adds a fish attracting flash whilst retrieving your soft plastic fishing lures
  • featuring a spinner blade
  • Pcs in a packet: 2
  • Also sold separate on this listing are spare blades (Flashy Kit). Flashy Kit contains 4x blades and 2 shafts

Note: Price is for 1 packet only. Price will vary depending on which size/item you choose to purchase as the larger sizes are a touch more expensive than the smaller sizes. Images for illustration only (Lures not included)

Size Guide

That is a question that cannot be easily answered as there are so many soft plastic lures on the market and each has their own unique profile. We have created a basic guide to assist below and whilst it may not be truly accurate for every plastic lure scenario due to the vast array of unique profiles out in the market place but it's a point in the right direction.

Size 1/0 - Weighs in at approximately 3.5 grams and perfectly suits the Australian bass, bream, flathead and perch market. Usually the 1/0 will suit plastics around 2-3 inches in length.

Size 2/0 - Has a weight of approx. 5.4 grams and is ideal for those anglers chasing flathead, perch and more. 3-4 inches is about the size of soft plastic you can expect should work fairly well with the 2/0 model.

Size 3/0 - Weighs around 7 grams and is a relatively good option for flathead, snapper, perch, small cod and a host of other fish species. Generally, suits 4-5 inch soft plastic fishing lures.

Size 5/0 - Is 7 grams and ideal for targeting larger flathead, snapper and other reef fish, barra and cod plus more using 5-6 inch soft plastics.

Size 6/0 to 8/0 - Comes in at 11 grams approx. in weight and suits most 6-7 inch soft plastics. Works especially well with Berkley Hollowbelly 6 inch lures and gulp jerk shad 7 inch lures. Big seller for targeting barramundi, kingfish, snapper, queenfish, fingermark, mulloway and murray cod.

Size 10/0 - A 14gram system for big plastics 6-8 inches targeting barra, cod and certain saltwater pelagics

Size 12/0 - 21 grams in weight also perfect for large soft plastics usually around 7 - 10 inches in size. For big barra, cod and a range of inshore or offshore saltwater targets.


  • Owner superior construction and materials
  • The Twist-lock pigtail keeps you lure secure and swimming to speck.
  • Irresistible flash and vibration can attract even the most sluggish, well fed fish.
  • Turns good soft plastics into amazing soft plastics.
  • Ideal for fishing muddy waters and where light is limited.

The Owner Flashy Swimmer will find a home in the kits of dedicated Barra, Cod and Bass anglers. It's proven to be an absolute winner out in Aussie field testing and the market are snapping them up. Buy a pack or a selection packs of Owner Flashy Swimmers now, you'll need them on your next Barra or Murray Cod adventure or just add them to your favourite flatty plastics. Whatever you need them for Fishing Tackle Shop delivers and Owner Flashy swimmer jig heads can deliver you more fish.


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