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Daiwa Generation Black Portable Travel Rods

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Product Description

Daiwa Generation Black Rods V2 Travel Rods Portable Fishing Rods For Sale – See our range of models to choose from below.

Not the models you were looking for? – See Our full range for sale here

The Daiwa Generation Black fishing rods have, arguably, re-written the books on performance consistency across a huge range of fishing techniques and applications. The latest incarnation, the GB V2, is proving as popular as its predecessor and for good reason. The same components and technological approach cover fishing 1kg Ultra-light for Bream to tossing hefty metal slices at huge Greenbacks from the rocks or larger divers at barra using 10 kilo rigs. Consistency means predictability. Predictability provides oceans of confidence.

Now consider all of this brilliance in a travel rod. Travel fishing Rods have certainly matured in recent years. Gone are the days of telescopic hit and miss blanks adorned with hardware of dubious quality at best. The Daiwa Generation Black Rods V2 Travel Rods are superlative performers and ideal for the modern angler where convenience and ease of transportation have become as critical as top end performance.

Blank technology such as HVF graphite across the range, and the X45 contained in the baitcasters provides the foundation. Add to this V-Joint technology, the Daiwa rod section joining method that maintains blank performance integrity, and you have some serious class. Now, dress with Fuji gear and you have a portable fishing rod that only resembles a travel rod in so much as you can break down to make it easily transportable. For all intent and purpose, they are simply performance kit.

The range is outstanding. Hit the snags chasing barra or saratoga to name a few with your Bulldog. Cast at the racks for Bream with your Blackjack, or throw metal slices at Tailor and Salmon from your favourite ledge with the Daiwa Shorehunter. The Daiwa Generation Black Rods V2 Travel Rods for sale now cover most inshore applications and will also suit light offshore work. Check the list below to see which GB V2 Daiwa travel rods will suit you and your applications.


Features and Specifications

ModelTypeLengthSectionsActionCast WeightLine ClassSuggested Reel Size
603LFS SHORT BITE SPECIAL Spin 183cm (6ft) 3pc Light 1 – 5g 1 – 3kg 1000, 2000, 2500, 10, 20 or 30
603HFS BULLDOG Spin 183cm (6ft) 3pc Heavy 10 – 28g 5 – 9kg 3000, 4000, 5000, 30 or 40
703LFS BLACKJACK Spin 213cm(7ft) 3pc Light 1 – 5g 2– 4kg 2000, 2500, 20 or 25
703MLFS DEEP STRIKER Spin 213cm(7ft) 3pc Medium Light 2 – 14g 2 – 5kg 2000, 2500, 3000 20 25 or 30
703MHFS BLACK SNIPER Spin 213cm(7ft) 3pc Medium Heavy 7 – 21g 4 – 7kg 3000, 4000, 30 or 40
85ML SHOREHUNTER Spin 257cm(8ft 5inch) 5pc Medium Light 7 – 30g 4 – 7kg 3000, 4000, 5000, 30 or 40
603MLFB LUNKERHUNTER Baitcaster 183cm (6ft) 3pc Medium 3-14g 2-6kg Low or round profile baitcaster
603MHFB BULLUP Baitcaster 183cm(6ft) 3pc Medium Heavy 7-21g 4-7kg Low or round profile baitcaster
603HFB PORKCHOP Baitcaster 183cm 3pc Heavy 14-45g 5-9kg Low or round profile baitcaster
  • Daiwa Generation Black Travel Rods (V2 Series)
  • High volume fibre graphite blanks
  • Fuji K series guides on spin models and fuji baitcast suited guides on baitcast rod models
  • V Joint By Daiwa for a better join
  • Fast Taper Actions
  • Quality Rod Bag Included

Note: Price is for 1 rod only – choose which model when ordering also note that price can vary depending on which model you pick. To confirm price head to our order menu and select a model (near the add to cart button) - Images are for illustration only. There can be differences between models.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Reel Selection Guide

For light river and lake fishing, the Daiwa travel rods that we would recommend are short bite special, black jack or deep striker. All these will be suitable for the all the common lake and river species including bream, Australian bass, trout, whiting, flathead etc.

Choose the bulldog or black sniper for heavier fishing styles such as chasing big yellowbelly, barramundi, cod, snapper etc be it from the shore or boat.

If a general purpose spinning rod is more your thing consider the Shorehunter.

For the baitcaster models use the lunkerhunter for bream, bass, perch and other light fighting fish. Use the bullup for fish that might give you a little more grunt such as mangrove jack, yellowbelly etc and the prok chop for the harder fighters like barramundi.

For fishing reel size and choice be sure to see our table above for more info on fishing reel choice to go with your new Daiwa travel rod.



  • Anglers can now have all the performance of a high end rod that will break down and travel virtually anywhere.
  • Daiwa V-Joint technology ensures that blank performance and integrity are maintained regardless of the number of sections.
  • Fuji hardware ensures outstanding line management and casting enhancement as well as excellent durability and longevity.
  • Portable fishing rod meaning that you can store with ease and take with you in the car, bus, train, caravan and more.
  • Smaller cars, frequent interstate travel and apartment living are just some of the reasons travel rods have become a growing trend. Thanks to Daiwa and the Generation Black Rods V2 Travel Rods, you can now have a travel fishing rod that is not only convenient but also an outstanding performer.

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